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Why Health Insurance Is Important: The Top 4 Reasons



Why Health Insurance Is Important

Why Health Insurance Is Important: The Top 4 Reasons

Why Health Insurance Is Important? No one likes to think about being sick, but the reality is that it’s bound to happen at some point in your life perhaps more than once.


That’s why it’s important to consider health insurance now while you’re young and healthy, and hopefully, still, have access to affordable health care options. The following are four of the top reasons why you should invest in health insurance, and what can happen if you don’t.



Health Insurance and How It Impacts Your Life

Why Health Insurance Is Important? Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of being in a car accident, or getting rushed to the hospital for an emergency? If so, I hope that you were able to get some form of health insurance. If not, you may have found yourself facing exorbitant healthcare bills that your regular paycheck can’t afford.


Why Health Insurance Is Important

In this post, we will explore why health insurance is important and what happens if you don’t have it. First off, let’s look at just how much medical care has changed over the years. Sure, 10-20 years ago we didn’t have computers scanning our retinas or stitching up our wounds with lasers.


But did we really need that level of precision back then? Today though? Health insurance is important for many reasons, but we’ll start with the top four. (Read Where Can I Find Affordable Health Insurance).


One of the most common reasons people purchase health insurance is because it’s a mandatory requirement to protect your home and family in case something happens.


If you have an accident or if someone in your family falls ill and has to be hospitalized, health insurance can help protect your family financially by limiting the number of expenses they may have to pay upfront before their benefits kick in. (Read How Much Is Mortgage Insurance).


Another reason why health insurance is important is that it helps cover costs when you are unable to work. With this kind of insurance, if you are injured on the job or if you’re disabled, you will receive money from a source outside of work so that you can continue living as normal a life as possible without financial difficulty. (Read How much is homeowners insurance).

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What is the Best Type of Health Insurance?

Four types of health insurance are available: Medicare, Medicaid, employer-provided coverage, and individual coverage. There are also more specialized plans like supplemental insurance, which covers deductibles and out-of-pocket costs not paid by the primary plan. Individual health insurance is not tied to a job but purchased on your own, through a private company, or on the Marketplace.


The price can vary depending on the plan chosen and other factors like where you live or your age. It’s important to choose an appropriate type of plan that meets your specific needs. (Read How Much is Pet Insurance and Which Types of Coverage Should I Get).


Medicare is designed for those over 65 years old who have not yet worked long enough in the workforce to be eligible for retiree coverage from their job. Medicaid is usually offered to low-income individuals and families with children, pregnant women, people with disabilities, and certain low-income seniors.

Why Health Insurance Is Important

Employer-provided coverage is often based on employment status. For example, if someone works at a large company they may receive benefits as part of their compensation package. If they don’t work for an employer that offers benefits then they would need to purchase it themselves on the open market.



What Are Some Examples of Things That Can Happen Without Health Insurance?: Sickness or injury can happen without warning; when it does, medical bills quickly pile up into a mountain of debt without the protection afforded by health insurance. Even one serious illness could result in financial ruin for many families without adequate coverage. (Read How Much Does Car Insurance Cost).


How To Apply For Health Insurance?

Why Health Insurance Is Important? Purchasing health insurance is a serious investment that can change your life and the lives of your loved ones. If you’re in need of coverage, apply today! It’s important to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll be taken care of if something should happen.

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When it comes to health insurance, many people do not know how to apply for coverage. Here are some simple steps for those who want to get insured:

1) Contact an agent or broker.

2) Meet with the agent or broker at their office or another location near you.

3) Answer questions about your current state of health, family size, income level, where you live, whether or not you smoke (or if someone else in your household smokes), etc.

4) Find out what type of plan best suits your needs and budget.

5) Choose a plan that fits into one of these categories: HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations), PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations), POSs (Point-of-Service Plans), and Indemnity Plans

6) Provide contact information so they can start shopping for plans on your behalf!


Benefits of Having Health Insurance Coverage

With the Affordable Care Act, more and more people are acquiring health insurance coverage. According to WalletHub’s 2016 Healthy Living Study, the percentage of adults with a lack of health coverage (due to poverty) dropped from 10.5% in 2013 to 9.1% in 2015. However, while health insurance is important for everyone, not everyone has the same reasons why they need it.

Why Health Insurance Is Important

Different types of people require different types of health insurance coverage due to varying factors such as income level, job type or benefits packages, and family size. Below are four main reasons why having healthcare coverage is important. (Read How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance)


  1. Healthcare Services – Healthcare services cost money which many Americans do not have. Without health insurance, you might be spending large amounts of money on care that can be life-saving or even preventative care that could help you avoid more expensive treatments down the line. In other words, without coverage, you could spend too much on care because you cannot afford to go without it!  (Read What is renters insurance, and why should you have it?).


  1. Avoiding Financial Burdens – Healthcare costs are continuing to rise exponentially every year and without coverage, these costs can quickly turn into financial burdens if one needs unexpected medical treatment.


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