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Which grocery store has the best cakes?



Which grocery store has the best cakes?

Which grocery store has the best cakes?

Which grocery store has the best cakes? We tried samples from six different bakery sections to determine which supermarket shop offers the greatest cakes. Here are the results of our tasting test.


A gathering is not complete without cake! You’ll need a cake to cut if you’re throwing a party, whether it’s for a birthday or another occasion. However, it does not imply that you must make the cake yourself. (However, these handmade birthday cakes are really rather tasty.)



There are several possibilities available at your local grocery store bakery, from readymade selections in the bakery case to bespoke orders. Additionally, not all grocery store cakes are made equally, even if the majority actually arrive at the store frozen and are just put together and iced there. Some are just overly sweet, while others have superior taste and texture.



We tested slices of cake from six grocery shops to help you choose the best one: Costco, Kroger, Safeway, Walmart, Winco, and Whole Foods. (Read about Dixy Chicken).


See how they rated by reading on! If the fact that cakes aren’t made in-store surprises you, be sure to check out our whole list of grocery shop secrets.

Which grocery store has the best cakes?

Which grocery store has the best cakes?

How We Tested the Cakes from the Grocery Store

We decided to keep it simple in our search for the greatest grocery store cakes. As a baseline, a vanilla cake with vanilla icing was tested. Whether they are set out on a table or in a bakery case, most supermarkets always have round, vanilla celebration cakes in stock. If none are available, it is simple and straightforward to place an order for pickup.


We ordered or confirmed that a cake would be available at each location by calling beforehand, and we picked up all of the cakes on the same day. For the most accurate tasting tests, they were fresh.

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Cake to frosting ratio, cake taste, cake texture, icing flavor, and frosting texture were all taken into consideration while judging each cake. (Read Why MSG is bad).



When it comes to cake, Walmart provides excellent value. Walmart offers an online system where you can design, purchase, and pay for your cake in advance, which makes it even better. But this treat’s degree of convenience doesn’t equal its flavor.


The frosting has a lovely, airy quality, and the cake layers are tall and fluffy. However, after taking that initial bite, you’re greeted with an overly sugary frosting and a cake flavor with an odd aftertaste.

Which grocery store has the best cakes?

Which grocery store has the best cakes?

In conclusion, this will work if you’re seeking a fantastic price and don’t mind really sugary icing.

What to order: Create your own cake on Walmart’s website, then pick it up at the bakery at your neighborhood Walmart. You may add prepared cakes to your pickup or delivery order.


Foods Whole

We’ll be honest: our expectations for a cake from Whole Foods were quite high. It was after all the most costly item in the group. Sadly, such lofty expectations weren’t realized by an exceptional dessert. Thanks to skilled construction, the cake had lovely, level layers and an excellent cake-to-frosting ratio.


Although extremely rich, the cake itself had a pleasant taste. The frosting absolutely melts on your tongue and was velvety smooth.


The problem? We experienced the sensation of biting into a stick of butter thanks to the icing. The Whole Foods buttercream definitely has a little too much butter.


In conclusion, this cake is well put together and elegantly ornamented. The texture and taste are excellent. However, if you dislike the flavor of butter, you may want to think about a personalized frosting alternative, like Whole Foods’ chantilly icing.

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The most surprising cake of the group was this one, particularly considering that they arrive at the shop frozen, already frosted, and constructed. The cake itself had a little peculiar golden tinge, but this was simple to overlook. It was incredibly fluffy and light, and it came with great frosting. It was an incredibly well-balanced cake for a great price because the frosting wasn’t overly sweet.



Costco must be included on any list of the top grocery store cakes, and for good cause too! Even though half-sheet cakes are not readily accessible in supermarkets, Costco cakes have a cult following. The cake-to-icing ratio on the 10-inch round cakes that Costco offers is well-balanced.


This selection is elevated to a whole new level of deliciousness by the addition of Costco’s famous cheesecake mousse filling. The icing is just a little bit too sugary for my tastes, but that is simple to overlook. The cake itself has a good texture.



Safeway takes their cakes in frozen and decorates them there, like the majority of other supermarkets. But for some reason, Safeway cakes have an unrivaled airy, fluffy cake feel. The cake has delicious layers that are rich and gorgeous. Naturally, it’s topped with rich, flavorful frosting to create a cake that is just right in every bite not too sweet or too bland.

Which grocery store has the best cakes?

Which grocery store has the best cakes?

The Finding

The sweetness level of grocery store cakes is to blame if they have a negative reputation. Although many cakes from the grocery store are high in sugar, not all of them are, as we discovered! For a number of reasons, Safeway won the title. Each cake piece tasted completely fresh and was light and fluffy.


The frosting was perfectly balanced and silky smooth. The greatest thing, though? Since Safeway is a well-known company, finding a cake for your celebration should be simple in many states.

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