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Where travel in December



Where travel in December

Where travel in December

Where travel in December? What is it that makes this time of year so special? Of course, everyone is entitled to their own perspective, but there is definitely something enchanted about the month of December. Yes, the weather may be a little bit cool, and the whole “lack of light” thing is not very enjoyable, but Christmas, family, excitement, and all the food more than makeup for it. Every each thing


Where are some of the most enjoyable spots to visit during the month of December? What you desire will determine the answer. If you are seeking locations to visit that are the coziest and most festive throughout the winter season, there is a great deal of variety in the options available to you.



You may go away from the cold and spend the month of December in a tropical paradise if that is something you would want to do. The end of the year has here, and you have earned the right to enjoy it in any way that you want.



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  1. The Austrian Empire

Where travel in December? The month of December is when Austria is at its most beautiful. In Vienna, the spiritual headquarters of Christmas markets, you can get into the holiday mood while sipping mulled wine.

Where travel in December

Where travel in December

The most well-known is the one that takes place in front of the baroque Schonbrunn Palace and has arts and crafts, gingerbread, and a massive tree. Art Advent on Karlsplatz, on the other hand, features live music and adheres to an all-organic food policy for the food stalls.


And although Vienna may be extremely nice, Salzburg is also a touch subversive: during its traditional Krampus parades in early December, figures dressed as goat demons run amok through the streets of Salzburg. It is also home to the less terrifying Salzburg Advent Singing, which features traditionally attired Alpine folk singers and festive marketplaces, including the Christkindlmarkt, which is one of the world’s oldest.


  1. Finland

This picturesque Nordic nation is a perennial award winner in annual travel gongs, not to mention eco-centric ones, and it makes sense: Finland is big on conservation, with 39 national parks and nearly three-quarters of its land covered in forest.

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Finland is a perennial award winner in annual travel gongs, not to mention eco-centric ones. It is home to a wide variety of animals that thrive in cold climates, such as arctic foxes, lynxes, wolverines, and snow hares; however, the best time to visit is during the month of December to see Rudolph and his friends in the beautiful winter wonderland that is Finnish Lapland. Where, of course, you’ll also find Santa Claus, given that this is, after all, the place where Christmas originated.


  1. Namibia

Because that was a lovely vacation time. Namibia is home to some of the world’s most captivating destinations. In Namibia, there is a race that takes place every December (the exact day is December 5), and it is attended by hundreds of runners who participate in a course that goes through numerous tourist destinations.


  1. Miami

Where travel in December? Art Basel in Miami is the place to go if you want to party artfully in the city. The contemporary art market that originated in Switzerland is making its way to Miami in December to display and sell the work of renowned artists from all around the world.


However, in order to join in on the action, you do not need to be in the business or very wealthy. During that same week at Miami Beach, there are a number of events that take place on the periphery of the main conference center. Locals have called this event “Art Week,” so make sure to check out the public sculpture as well as the many pop-up shops, gallery events, and installations that are taking place. Welcome to Miami!


Even though it is winter, December is Miami’s driest month, and daytime temperatures in December average a beach-friendly 24 degrees Celsius. The month of December is also prime time for parties, and here is a city that knows how to throw a good one.


And it’s not only joyous fiestas; there’s also Art Basel Miami Beach, which means parties, debuts, exhibits, and happenings all over the place art has never been sexier.

Where travel in December

Where travel in December

Art Gaysel, the world’s queerest art fair, comes right on the heels of Art Basel Miami Beach. Even those who couldn’t care less about art may participate in all the excitement that’s going on in the Miami Design District. The artwork and music at Basel House are not to be missed.

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  1. Kerala, India

Tourism in India’s calm southwestern state is booming, and it’s not hard to see why: the state has palm-fringed beaches, peaceful tea plantations, and possibilities to glimpse tigers, and it’s also one of India’s most environmentally protected enclaves. In the forward-thinking city of Kochi, where the past meets the present, colonial ruins and contemporary galleries coexist.


Then there is the illustrious Kochi-Muziris Biennale, which is India’s most important gathering for contemporary art. Sculpture, video, painting, installations, and performance art may be seen around the city in a variety of locations, including public areas, historical sites, and buildings that have been abandoned. However, it does qualify as teasing, so you should probably travel this way to appreciate the enchanted southern region of India.


  1. The Northern Regions of Patagonia

Where travel in December? Northern Patagonia is a fantastic location for stargazing at any time of the year because of its expansive black sky; but, given the upcoming meteor shower and total eclipse, the month of December is an especially good time to go. On December 14 and 15, a significant meteor shower known as the Geminids will cause the night sky to become ablaze with pieces of space junk.


Fly into Buenos Aires, Argentina, a few days before the main event, where you can enjoy steak, street art, and sensual tango vibes. Then, base yourself in San Martin de Los Andes, which is located on the banks of a glacial lake and right at the edge of forested Lann National Park, at the foot of the Andes Mountains.


  1. Costa Rica

Where travel in December? In case you haven’t heard, spending time in nature and participating in ecotourism are both quite popular activities these days, and Costa Rica is among the countries that offer some of the greenest options. It is well on its way to reaching its objective of becoming the first carbon-neutral nation, and a fifth of the country is made up of the unspoiled protected area that has not been developed.


You may look forward to seeing some amazing wildlife, like sloths, tree frogs, and birds with vibrant colors. From the cloud forest at San Gerardo de Dota to the whale’s tail-shaped Marino Ballena National Park to the surf destination Santa Teresa, you may get there by eco-lodge-hopping your way around the area.

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  1. Berlin

You will be rewarded for braving the cold Berlin winter if you visit the city in the weeks leading up to Christmas since that is when it is at its most lovely. Get a round of glühwein while touring a Christmas market (the wares at the Brohan Museum market are handcrafted by locals, while the atmosphere at the Spandau market is reminiscent of old Europe).


In the month of December, the Botanical Garden in Berlin transforms into an enchanted forest complete with luminous sculptures, shimmering fairy lights, and an ice rink for visitors to slip and slide about on.


Meanwhile, the fair at Alexanderplatz will be operating at full capacity. After you’ve gone for a spin, you may warm up by the fire pit with some more hot liquor.


  1. Dubai, UAE

Where travel in December? When it comes to a tinselfest in the winter sun, nobody does it bigger, brighter, or sparklier than Dubai. During the months of November through January, the temperature drops to a more tolerable range of 19-25 degrees Celsius, and the sun shines nearly nonstop.


In December, there are events such as the Rugby Sevens and a film festival, as well as pre-Christmas designer sales and record-breaking Christmas trees that are groaning under the weight of lights and Swarovski crystals, for those who like that kind of thing. After going to Dubai, everyone claims that they don’t, but when they get there, they realize that they sort of does.


The modest Bulgari Resort Dubai is the place to be if you’re looking for luxurious accommodations and a location on a private island. In addition to a world-class spa, the Mandarin Oriental Dubai is an excellent choice for vacationers who are in town to enjoy the local beach and restaurant scene.

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  1. Las Vegas

The reputation of Sin City as a destination for entertainment is increasing as a direct result of the growing notoriety and importance of the musicians who are now establishing residencies in Las Vegas, such as Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars.


Therefore, make it a point to see a performance while you’re there, but also keep in mind that the weather at this time of year is great for venturing away from the strip and discovering new things.


Do you want to see beautiful geology? Visit the national conservation area known as Red Rock Canyon, which is colored red. Street art? Go downtown. Mafia stuff? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the Mob Museum, which has its own distillery.


The kind of wintry alpine panorama that populates our Christmas fantasies every year. Glühwein stands, horse-drawn sleighs, and a little town all lighted up for the holiday season can be found nestled in a picturesque valley just below the Matterhorn.


And, perhaps most crucially, slopes that are certain to be covered with snow from the beginning of December forward, all 200 breathtakingly beautiful kilometers of them. All of these factors combine to make Zermatt one of the premier ski destinations in all of Europe.


  1. Ghana

The month of March is a popular one for tourists in Ghana, and for good reason: not only are the landscapes beautiful, but the weather is also dry, which creates the perfect environment for gorilla tracking. Because animals are lured from dry ground to water sources throughout the month of December, boat safaris are an excellent way to look for the “Big Five” during this time of year.


However, due to the fact that it is a west African location that is less well known, the word “busy” used here is a relative phrase. Combine visits to wild animals with excursions into the surrounding urban jungle. Accra, the nation’s capital, has a surprising amount of allure.


  1. Berlin Germany

Where travel in December? There is never an unfavorable time to go to Berlin. We like the city in the summer when we can laze about its kooky-Krazy hangouts of artistic quirkiness; but, what a fantastic spot it is to party in the month of December! More kookiness in its clubs and bars as well as the underground haunts of its cool-as-you-like neighborhoods; and Berlin is one of the best places to spend New Year’s Eve in the world when they throw a city-wide street party with gigs and celebrations all along the Party Mile. More kookiness in its clubs and bars as well as the underground haunts of its cool-as-you-like neighborhoods.


13. Cambodia

The month of December in South-East Asia is a beautiful time to visit since the weather is pleasant; this, of course, means that everyone else wants to go there at the same time.


But why would you come when it’s so hot and miserable outside? Visit during the month of December and enjoy the holiday season, when places to dine and drink are bustling, when Laos’s magnificent colonial cities (we like Luang Prabang), and when Siem Reap is at its liveliest.

Where travel in December

Where travel in December

Even at Angkor Wat, the vast and relatively barren nations of Cambodia and Laos make it feasible to always find some space to oneself, even if you travel during the high season (go for sunrise, wherever possible). Yes, it may need a little more preparation and booking ahead of time, but there is always a room in a wonderful teak home that can be found, where birds chirp in the banana trees near the porch. If you want to be spontaneous, there is always a room in a nice teak house that can be discovered.


14. Prague

Where travel in December? There is perhaps no place on earth more beautiful when covered with snow than Prague. Those brilliantly maintained historic alleyways, like something out of a storybook (with a real castle! ); those cinnamon-scented Christmas markets where the mulled wine compels us to purchase strange gifts and an excessive amount of holiday decorations. In December, Prague is frigid as hell, which only helps to make the city’s lavishly decorated restaurants cozier and justifies the city’s equally lavish and hearty food. Although beautiful, Prague is also hellishly cold. Place yourself in one of its Art Nouveau gilded interiors or one of its basement pubs, and warm yourself with some roasted game and alcoholic beverages.

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