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When to let go of a long distance relationship



When to let go of a long distance relationship

When to let go of a long distance relationship

What do you know about relationships if I may ask?

You might need to move on from a long-distance relationship when there is no hope for reconciliation.



Have you been in a relationship before,  if yes was it a long or short-distance relationship? Well, if it was a long-distance relationship,  how is it now,  is it the same as you guys started or things have changed and you want to let go of it.



What’s your understanding of Long Distance relationships. When we say Long Distance Relationship, it simply means an intimate relationship between partners who are geographically separated from one another. Now you get the understanding,  simply put, you won’t be able to see each other face to face on most days.


One should never get back into a relationship with long distances. Once you are heartbroken it is very hard to pick yourself up again. And you should only get back into a relationship if you recognize what went wrong in the last one.


The Disturbing Truth behind Long Distance Relationships

In a long-distance relationship, giving up is difficult and can be loaded with negative connotations. Giving up on a relationship implies that the effort has been futile and that it cannot continue.

When to let go of a long distance relationship

When to let go of a long distance relationship

However, if you can’t bring yourself to face the problems in your long-distance relationship, you should consider breaking up. Sometimes it’s okay to let go of someone if they can’t make you happy.


Sometimes, you need to let go of a long-distance relationship. With good communication with your partner, some problems are easy to solve together.


Before entering into a long-distance relationship, understand that sometimes problems are out of your control. Identify the best ways to make this work for both of you.


What you should know about letting go in long-distance

After years of unsuccessful attempts to fix a long-distance relationship, it should be time to let go. However, be careful not to set unreasonable expectations. Sometimes convincing someone might take some effort.


When it comes to long-distance relationships, there might be difficult problems and issues. But most of those can be solved with the understanding and good communication that you have with your partner.


When you have a long-distance relationship, to prevent the conversation from going stale, keep in contact often. If you find that your communication isn’t great, it will be tough for both partners to identify any issues they must work on or resolve.


When to let go of a long distance relationship

When to let go of a long distance relationship

Are you planning to let go of it, but you don’t know what to do?

Alright, lemme show you 10 simple ways you can notice then you can let go of your long-distance relationship. After reading everything you will understand when to let go of a long distance relationship.


When you find yourself in a long-distance relationship, it might be difficult to tell when the time arrives to let go. Polar opposites from being in a happy relationship to full-on arguments can hint that a relationship is on its way out.


It’s worth thinking of fixing your circumstances if it’s still possible, but if you know you can’t change things or want to end things sooner rather than later then it’s time to let go and look for something

  • When to let go of a long distance relationship

1. No Romance

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When we say romance, is an emotional feeling of love for or a strong attraction towards another person.  Since there’s a distance between you and your partner,  you realize romance is gone.  You no longer get excited when you see his or her text messages because you’ve seen it over and over and your heart doesn’t even beat when you’re having a phone call or Facetime call with your partner.


When to let go of a long distance relationship

When to let go of a long distance relationship

2. Lack of Communication

Lack of communication can bring mistrust that can cause damage or put your relationship at risk.  When there is a lack of communication in a relationship, it is likely to collapse irrespective of the love you have for the person. You and your partner can go several days without calling each other because you don’t have anything to say again and when there’s silence in a relationship, it is likely to collapse.


3. No Efforts

being in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean having constant sex with you and your partner through sex is part of a relationship but lack of physical connection in a relationship I’d a sign of lack of effort. I personally think a lot of people are blind to the fact that relationships require a lot of effort both partners put together. Don’t be in a relationship because of the material things your partner has. The first thing to think about before you end up in a relationship is, is there any connection between both of us?  If not,  this is a sign to let go of the relationship.


When to let go of a long distance relationship


4. Relationship Is Taking Over Life

this is a major factor to consider before heading into a long-distance relationship. Don’t let relationships rule your life because you have a role to play in your family, workplace, church, in your community as well. You may be spending so much time checking on your phone waiting for a phone call, text message from your partner whiles you know you have a lot of work to do. If this is the case, a long-distance relationship won’t work and for that matter, you have to tinker it goes.

5. Fear To Let It Go

Fear to let your partner is probably not because you’re truly or really in love with your partner. This is what happens because you’ve put all your trust, time, money, energy, and much effort just to make this relationship work and you’ve assumed that you won’t find love when you let go of your partner.


  • Am very pretty much sure that you’ve agreed to make this relationship work at all costs but it isn’t working as you wish. Are staying just because you’re afraid to give up, while you are actually not happy in the relationship. Let go of it and you will find your true love.

When to let go of a long distance relationship

When to let go of a long distance relationship


6. No Future

Arguably, everyone wants to share a life with their partner, set goals for their future generation whereas you’ve realized that you and your partner don’t have a future. If you don’t see you and your partner in the long-distance relationship ever reuniting and having family,  home,  goals in the future,  then you’re wasting your precious time because it won’t work and you have to let go of it.

7. Temptations

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You can be tempted to engage in sexual or emotional connection with someone closer to you,  it can be at the workplace, Co-tenant, the church then the chances of your long-distance relationship is at risk and you’re about to lose it. A Long-distance relationship is so hard that you feel tempted by other people especially when you see couples going here and there.


8. Lack of Visit

Before every relationship can end up in a marriage,  there should be plans, tasks ahead of both partners because you’re about to start your journey in marriage. This is the situation whereby you don’t see your partners face to face to make plans for your future. It can take about 1 to 3 months before seeing your partner’s face twice and you expect the long-distance relationship to work,  no way but it should tell you it’d about time to let go of it.

When to let go of a long distance relationship

When to let go of a long distance relationship


9. Chasing

Negative thoughts will start mounting in your head when you’ve called your partner multiples times, sending messages without replying, or calling back when your partner missed it. Then you start asking yourself a lot of questions, has he or she found a new person to be with,  is the partner cheating on you? You start planning on chasing your partner here and there. Such relationships are very hard and it requires a lot of effort and commitment from both partners. Chasing your partner is not a sign of commitment, trust, you should let go of that long-distance relationship.


10. Time Factor

This is the situation whereby you’ve put everything on hold like you normally used to do hanging around with your friends,  families, visiting the gym just because you’re putting all your effort to make this long-distance relationship work with you and your partner. You’re putting less time at the workplace just because you want to be on phone with your partner,  spending too much time on the phone.  If you can’t maintain a long-distance relationship and have your own life, it is time to let that long-distance relationship go.


how to let go of a long-distance relationship

Are you willing to do the work required to maintain a long-distance relationship? Are you willing to travel continuously to be with your partner? Are you willing to share your life with someone where both of you have clearly defined roles and responsibilities?

When to let go of a long distance relationship

When to let go of a long distance relationship

Is someone who can tolerate frequent phone conversations via Skype or Facetime, but dislike the idea of actually being in the same physical space as your partner (i.e., no touching, hugging, etc.)? If not, then it’s unlikely that such a relationship is sustainable for you.


But if your answer is yes to all of these questions, then my suggestion is that you go for it. It may be challenging at times; however, there are ways of dealing with this and many people manage it quite well

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