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 What to substitute for an egg in baking



 What to substitute for an egg in baking

 What to substitute for an egg in baking

How do you substitute for an egg in baking? It’s a simple question with a few easy answers. You may be surprised at how many foods you already have in your kitchen that can easily take the place of eggs in your favorite recipes! Here are some of our favorite ideas, with tips on how to use them.


Introduction: Why Use a Vegan Egg Substitute in Baking?

There are several reasons you might want to use a vegan egg substitute in your baking. Maybe you have an allergy to eggs or are trying to eat more plant-based foods. Or maybe you’re out of eggs and don’t want to make a special trip to the store just for one ingredient.



Whatever the reason, it’s good to know that there are several options for replacing eggs in your baking recipes. The most common substitutes are applesauce, banana, and ground flaxseed mixed with water. You can also use soy milk mixed with an acid like lemon juice or vinegar to create buttermilk.

 What to substitute for an egg in baking

What to substitute for an egg in baking

Another option is to ground chia seeds mixed with water to create chia seed buttermilk. Finally, another popular substitution is mashed potatoes leftover ones work great. It’s important to mix the mashed potato well with other ingredients so they bind together as they would if eggs were used.


Experimenting with different types of substitutes and figuring out what works best for you takes time, but it’s worth it when you find the perfect replacement. Some people prefer using apple sauce while others swear by bananas because they produce a creamier texture than applesauce does.


If you decide to go the banana route, be sure not to over-mash them before adding them into your batter, or else they’ll become too runny. If experimenting doesn’t appeal to you, try substituting all-purpose flour instead since this tends to be more forgiving when binding together without eggs.


To see how a couple of different vegan egg substitutes perform, we replaced eggs with applesauce, banana, and mashed potatoes. We also compared results when using one type of substitution versus another mashed potatoes vs. bananas. We made three recipes: pancakes, muffins, and brownies using each ingredient as our egg replacement. (Read also How to Perform a Water Test Egg on Eggshells to Check for Freshness).


For our pancakes, we made a classic recipe but substituted banana slices in place of eggs. To be consistent with other recipes, we also replaced butter with applesauce.


We also replaced butter with applesauce when making muffins and brownies since it is one of the most popular vegan substitutes for eggs. The results: apple sauce substitution fared well overall, producing similar quality results compared to when real eggs were used.

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Banana pancake batter didn’t bind together as well as others and resulted in flat, dense pancakes that weren’t very appealing once cooked. (Read How long to cook an hard boiled egg).


How to Make & Store Your Own Vegan Eggs

You can use a variety of items as substitutes for eggs in baking. Some common substitutes include:

-1/4 cup applesauce

-1/4 cup mashed banana

-1/4 cup silken tofu

put 1/4 cup of ground flaxseed into a 1/8 cup of water and mix well. Let the mixture sit for 5 minutes then add it to your recipe.

-2 tbsp. coconut oil or vegan butter (like Earth Balance) + 2 tbsp. warm water, whisk together until smooth then add it to your recipe. (Read also Egg nutritional values).

-1 tbsp. baking powder + 1 tsp. baking soda mixed with 1/4 cup of water. Add all of these ingredients into your recipe and bake as you normally would. Keep experimenting with different substitutions and see what works best for you! Remember that some substitutions may work better than others depending on what you are making.

 What to substitute for an egg in baking

-For cakes and other baked goods, replace each egg with one flax egg which is one tablespoon of ground flax seeds blended with three tablespoons of water. (Read also Egg calories boiled).


For pancakes, replace each egg with two tablespoons of mashed bananas. For biscuits and muffins, replace each egg with two tablespoons of pureed pumpkin or apple sauce. For cookies, brownies, and bars where you want the batter to stay fluffy, just leave out the eggs entirely.


If you’re using a whole batch of cookie dough, reduce the amount of flour by half. If your dough is already mixed and ready to go, replace each egg with 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder plus 1/2 teaspoon of liquid vegetable shortening or olive oil.


With this substitution, your dough will not be light and fluffy but it will still taste good! It’s really worth trying because it might save you time and money if there are dietary restrictions at home.


It also means less food waste when things don’t turn out right. Another idea is adding nutritional yeast flakes instead of eggs to dishes like omelets, scrambles, casseroles, breakfast burritos, and even bread!


These flakes are loaded with protein and add a cheesy flavor without any dairy products. And they store easily in your pantry since they have a shelf life of up to 18 months when kept cool.


The Best Substitutes for Eggs in Baking Recipes

Baking relies heavily on eggs. They help leaven and bind, and can also add moisture. But what do you do when you’re out of eggs or need to make a recipe that’s vegan or egg-free? Here are the best substitutes for eggs in baking recipes. (Read How many calories is in a boiled egg).

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1) Flaxseed – 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed mixed with 3 tablespoons water will produce one egg.


2) Applesauce – Add one cup of unsweetened applesauce to replace one egg.


3) Bananas – Mashed banana (1/2 cup), mashed avocado (1/4 cup), or canned pumpkin puree (1/4 cup) can be used as substitutions for eggs in any baked good recipe.


4) Ener-G Egg Replacer: This product is made from potato starch, tapioca flour, artificial flavors, monocalcium phosphate, and baking powder.

  What to substitute for an egg in baking

The instructions say to use three teaspoons per two tablespoons of water, but this will depend on how much liquid is already present in your recipe. To avoid being too heavy, I would suggest using one teaspoon of every two tablespoons of water.


It’s also important to note that this mix doesn’t have the same texture as real eggs so it works better for bread than cakes or cookies. (Read Broccoli Rabeabout )


5) Banana Bread: Use a half-mashed banana and oil instead of eggs, milk, butter, and vanilla extract in traditional recipes.


6) Vegan Brownies: Replace the butter with coconut oil and follow the directions normally except skip the egg wash before baking.


7) Vegan Macaroons: Replace two whole eggs with two tablespoons of chia seeds soaked in 6 tablespoons of water overnight then strained before mixing into cookie dough


8) Lemon Loaf Cake: Combine all ingredients except zest into a bowl, blend well then stir in zest. Pour batter into pan and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 35 minutes.


9) What to substitute for an egg in muffins: For every egg needed, combine 1/4 cup applesauce with 1 tablespoon oil and beat until smooth. If a slightly heavier muffin is desired, use two eggs plus one additional tablespoon of oil for every three cups of oats in the recipe.


10) Vegan cookies with chocolate chips: Substitute margarine for butter and vegetable shortening for margarine. (Read How to Store Kale Longer).


11) Quick and Easy Chocolate Cake: Add four tablespoons of boiling water to two tablespoons of cocoa powder along with 1/3 cup of hot coffee to the cake batter



Conclusion & Resources

There are many options when it comes to what to substitute for an egg in baking. You can use a chia egg, flaxseed meal, applesauce, mashed banana, or even tofu.


The best substitution will depend on the recipe you’re making. Some substitutions may change the texture or flavor of your baked goods, so be sure to do some research before you get started.


There are plenty of resources available online that can help you make the perfect substitution for your next baking project. One example is The Kitchen. (Read How To Store Parsley).