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Waakye Ghana’s best food, recipe, and how to make



Waakye Ghana's best food, recipe and how to make

Waakye Ghana’s best food, recipe, and how to make

Waakye is a delicious meal that is enjoyed by many Ghanaians. Many people in Ghana enjoy it as Breakfast. This delicious meal is always enjoyed together with Avocado, Egg, Fish, Gari, Spaghetti, etc.


Ghana’s Population is 30.5million and over 25 million Ghanaians consume this incredible meal every day. This Superb meal is one of the best superfoods in Ghana that is also enjoyed by foreigners.


Waakye Ghana's best food, recipe, and how to make


It is also enjoyed with stew and shito. Waakye is a combination of Rice and Red Beans. The Red beans are what are mostly used in preparing.


How to Make a Delicious Waakye


  • Red Beans
  • Rice
  • Waakye leaves
  • Salt


Soak your Beans. You can also soak your beans overnight so that they can be easy to cook. But your Beans can also be cooked if you don’t soak them overnight the only thing is that it will take longer to cook.


Make sure the beans are clean. When you soak your Beans all the unwanted particles will float to the top. Once the unwanted particles float on top of the water remove them out.


Make sure you wash your Beans over 5 times. After washing your Beans get a clean pot and pour the beans inside it and cook it.


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Your Beans can take up to 1hour 30minutes to cook. Cook your  Beans on high heat so that they can cook faster. Don’t forget to add salt to the beans before you add your rice to them.

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Waakye Ghana's best food, recipe and how to make

Add your waakye leaves, Always make sure that it’s well washed. You can also sprinkle a little bit of baking soda onto the leaves that will enable them to change the color in a short time.


If you want the red color of your waakye cook it for up to 4 minutes. Make sure you take out the waakye leaves before adding the rice to the beans. Learn more about how many calories in a cup of tea


In preparing this food the most important thing is to cook the beans first the rest is easy. Make sure that the baking soda you used on your leaves is moderately used all the time you prepare this authentic meal.


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Add your rice and stir properly. You can use any perfumed rice of your choice. Add a little bit of salt. You can use any MSG of your choice.


MSG adds flavor and makes your meals delicious. Add msg if you want your waakye stew to have a good taste. In preparing this food you have to use any quantity of your choice.


Add small water to it and cover it for it to cook. Just make sure you don’t add plenty of water. The water should be moderate. Your waakye is now ready to be consumed.


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You can consume your waakye with Shito, salad, spaghetti, Gari, fish, etc.





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