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UK employment shortage



UK employment shortage

UK employment shortage

UK employment shortage

There is a reported employment shortage in the United Kingdom. The UK to grant temporary Visas to 10,000 foreign drivers. UK government says they will grant 10,000 emergency visas to foreign truck drivers to help loosen the supply chain issues that have led to fuel shortages.



After Brexit, most foreign truck drivers left the country. Now the Britain government is facing lots of pressure.



The government now has no choice but to give visas to foreign truck drivers to help them deal with the shortage crisis.


Some citizens are mounting pressure on the government. This has led some fuel stations and supermarkets to temporarily close down.

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Now the government seeks foreign drivers to ease the shortage and keep the economy moving.


There is a lot of chaos at fuel stations and long queues have built up at the fuel stations.


This has forced some fuel stations to close down. Many supermarket shelves have been left empty.



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