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The BMW with V12 Engine – The Most Powerful & Iconic Engine In History



BMW with V12

The BMW with V12 Engine – The Most Powerful & Iconic Engine In History

The BMW with V12 Engine? BMW has an iconic engine: the V12, which they have used in multiple luxury cars, such as the BMW 760Li and the BMW 750iL, as well as their high-performance sports cars, like the BMW M8 and the McLaren F1 road car. Most people don’t realize that it’s not the only engine ever created by BMW with 12 cylinders. There was another, but this one was much more unusual and it served a very different purpose.


BMW’s Best Car Engines

Packing a punch is something that BMW excels at, and its renowned engines have been hitting hard for decades. No list of BMW’s best car engines would be complete without the most iconic engine in the company’s history: the BMW with V12.



Elegant, powerful, and long-lasting, it has become one of the most treasured car engine designs of all time. Born in 1966, the BMW with V12 is still going strong today. And as BMW continues to grow as an automotive giant, this beautiful engine design will continue to represent its legacy.


BMW with V12

BMW’s engineering prowess is well-known, but few people know just how innovative the BMW with V12 really is. For example, many engineers at the time believed that such a large engine was too much power for any car to handle. (Read How to Buy Rolls-Royce Stock in the US and Make a Ton of Money).


However, BMW proved them wrong by designing cars like the famous 3.0CSL racecar which was able to maintain high speeds while carrying massive loads of weight on board (upwards of 1,500 pounds).


Today BMW engines are used in more than 12 million vehicles around the world and are recognized as some of the finest in modern times. In 1997, the updated BMW M5 became one of the first cars ever to use aluminum cylinder heads instead of steel.

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These days they can even produce carbon fiber parts! Talk about precision engineering! It doesn’t get much better than owning a BMW with a V12 engine a true work of art. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading and start driving! (Read EASA’s Guide to Designing an Aircraft Type Certification – Don’t miss this!).


BMW Best Cars Ever Made: The Ultimate Selection

Nowadays, the success of a luxury vehicle has shifted to two essential factors: exterior design and powertrain. Luckily for us, BMW can do both phenomenally well.


One of their most iconic vehicles ever made was the 1972 2500/3.0 CSL; this car featured a 3.0-liter engine that produced 240 hp and an excellent weight-to-power ratio.


It was by far one of the most exciting cars on sale in Europe at the time, but it lacked what truly makes any vehicle an icon: exclusivity. Production numbers for the 3.0 CSL were very low, so finding one today is not easy. But don’t worry there are plenty of other classic BMWs that you can get your hands on if you know where to look! One such example is the E34 M5.

BMW with v12

While its predecessor, the E28 M5, had been fitted with a naturally aspirated 4.4L S38B36 straight six (producing 300 hp), during the 1990s, advancements in technology meant that manufacturers could fit engines like the M5’s 5.0L S50B32 DOHC 32 valve (producing 343 hp) into smaller cars than before.


What we end up with then is a rawer driving experience than previous generations and more power than anyone could possibly need from an E34 M5 today. (Read Lamborghini Urus Lease Price How to Sell Your Lamborghini).

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Even though production of these models ended as early as 1996, they’re still worth looking out for now because they’re just about guaranteed to be left-hand drive variants too!


The Top 10 BMW Cars All Time

BMW automobiles have always had a reputation for quality and luxury, but did you know they’ve also had a long-standing history of creating some of the most powerful and iconic engines in automotive history? Here are the top 10 BMW cars that have been powered by an all-time favorite, the V12 engine.

  1. 750iL (1989-1995) The 12-cylinder in this car served as a benchmark for performance among luxury sedans. To this day, it’s considered one of the most powerful four-door sedans ever created. You might recognize this car from the James Bond films Goldeneye or Tomorrow Never Dies. It could reach speeds up to 140 mph and has a beautiful exterior that can still turn heads today.
  2. M1 Race Car (1978-1981) The M1 was not just a vehicle for street use; it also competed on the track and won at Le Mans. With its 650 hp 5 liters V12 engine, there is no surprise that this racer earned many accolades during its racing career. (Read  Ferrari F40)

BMW with V12

3. 850CSI/850Csi Coupe Production Version of M1 Race Car (1987-1993) If you’re wondering what a racecar would look like in street clothes, take a look at the 850 CSi coupe. (Read Will Rolls Royce stock go up).


Packing nearly 700 horsepower under its hood, this sleek-looking vehicle will surely turn heads wherever it goes.


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