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Selenium Sulfide Shampoo: Uses, Adverse Effects



Selenium Sulfide Shampoo

Selenium Sulfide Shampoo: Uses, Adverse Effects

What is this drug, exactly?

Selenium Sulfide Shampoo? Shampoo containing SELENIUM SULFIDE (se LEE nee um suhl fahyd) is used to treat dandruff, fungal infections of the skin and scalp, and scalp seborrhea.


If you have any concerns, speak with your doctor or pharmacist. This medication may also be used for other conditions.


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COMMON BRAND NAME(S): Selseb, Selsun, Selsun Blue, Dandrex, Selenos, Anti-Dandruff

Before using this drug, what should I notify my medical team?
If you have any of the following conditions, they need to know:

•any open sores or skin inflammation

•a strange or allergic response to selenium sulfide, other medications, foods, colors, or preservatives

•conceiving or attempting to conceive



How exactly should I take this medicine?

Only use this medication externally. Take not by mouth. Shake vigorously before use. The prescription label’s instructions should be followed. Both before and after using, wash your hands. Avoid getting this medication in your eyes. If you do, thoroughly rinse your eyes with cold tap water.


Avoid applying this medication to your genitals. Use sparingly on irritated or damaged skin. Use your medication just as prescribed by your doctor or another healthcare provider, and never more often or for a longer length of time. The likelihood of adverse consequences may rise if you do this.

Selenium Sulfide Shampoo

Regarding the administration of this medication to children, consult your doctor. You may need to take extra caution.

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Overdosage: If you believe you have taken too much of this medication, call an emergency facility or a poison control center right away.


PLEASE NOTE: This medication is solely for you. Don’t give anybody else this medication.


What if I overlook a dose?

Use the missed dosage as soon as you remember if you can. Use just that dosage if your next dose is soon due. Never take two or more doses.


What things could interact with this drug?

We don’t anticipate any interactions. Without consulting a physician or other healthcare provider, avoid using any additional skin care products on the afflicted region.


It’s probable that not all combinations are covered by this list. List all of the pharmaceuticals, herbs, over-the-counter remedies, and nutritional supplements you use for your health. Also, let them know whether you smoke, use alcohol, or engage in illicit drug usage. Your medication may be impacted by certain things.

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What should I be on the lookout for when using this medicine?

If your symptoms do not go away after two weeks, let your doctor or healthcare provider know.

To reduce the possibility of hair discoloration, rinse for at least five minutes after using on blonde, bleached, colored, grey, or permed hair. Use of this medication within 48 hours after using permanent wave or hair color treatments is not advised.

Selenium Sulfide Shampoo

Jewelry may be harmed by this medication. Before using, take off any jewelry.

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What negative effects may this medicine have on me?

The following side effects should be reported as soon as possible to your physician or another healthcare provider:


• the inability of the skin problem to cure

•severe skin irritation or redness after the use of this medication

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Typically, side effects may not need medical treatment; however, if they persist or are unpleasant, inform your doctor or another qualified healthcare provider.

• mild skin rashes

Possibly not all potential side effects are covered by this list. For medical advice concerning side effects, contact your doctor.

Selenium Sulfide Shampoo

What should I do with my medicine?

Store between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius at room temperature (59 and 86 degrees F). Keep the door shut. Any unused medication beyond the expiry date should be thrown away.

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This document serves as a summary. It may not include all relevant data. Speak to your doctor, pharmacist, or another healthcare practitioner if you have any questions regarding this medication.