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Profile of Dr. Nana Kwaku Nti C.E.O Healthfarm



Dr. Nana Kwaku Nti

Profile of Dr. Nana Kwaku Nti C.E.O Healthfarm

Dr. Nana Kwaku Nti is the CEO and Founder of Healthfarm group Ltd. Dr. Nana Kwaku Nti founded Healthfarm in 2013 and has grown to become a successful business. It wasn’t easy for him at the early of his company but has worked to make Healthfarm a successful business. He has also helped start-up businesses to succeed.

Dr. Nana Kwaku Nti

He attended his tertiary institution at Zenith University, Council for scientific and industrial research, and Texilla American University(MSC. NATURAL PHARMACY).


He has over 10 years of experience in the alternative medicine sector and has worked with top companies like Joy horizon Company Ltd(Facilitator), Care Share Health Limited(Consultant), Media Health Consultant, African Champion Herbal Clinic, Unicef, and Qualicare Medicals Ltd.


He was also the Administrator for Decent College of Health. He served as the administrator for Decent College of Health for 3years.

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Nana Kwaku Nti is the current Product Analyst for Cedar woman and the host for the Stay fit Health program on Sweet FM 106.1.

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