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P. M Boris Johnson Under intense pressure



Prime Minister Boris Johnson Under intense pressure

P. M Boris Johnson Under intense pressure

Boris Johnson Under intense pressure

The Prime Minister of the U.K in the Middle

The United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come under intense pressure following employment shortage and fuel crisis.



People have started criticizing the prime minister to take drastic measures to curb the ongoing crisis in the united kingdom.



The prime minister has said that the fuel issues in the united kingdom have been fixed. Many of the long queues to buy fuel has gone down drastically.


According to the prime minister, the situation has been improved. The United Kingdom employment crisis was following the Brexit.


The Military was even called to help curb the fuel crisis in the U.K. Now the U.K is temporarily issuing 10,000 visas to foreign drivers.

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This fuel crisis prevented most people from going to work. The prime minister says that the fuel crisis is fixed and there is no long queue at the fuel stations.

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