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Northeastern states of U.S floods



Northeastern states of U.S floods

Northeastern states of U.S floods

Northeastern states of U.S floods. Consequential flooding and fatal harm over northeastern states. There is flooding in many places across northeastern states that are narrated as consequential and harmful. The Consequential floods have at least killed 10 people and two people are reported missing. New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C, Maryland, and Pennsylvania are the latest states with these consequential floodings.

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Northeastern states of U.S floods

So far the consequential storm continues to unleash damage. In Maryland and Washington D.C area, two people are missing. Homes are left with destroyed Roofs. The flooding has destroyed many cars washing them away. Many houses in the northeastern states of the U.S have had their houses collapsed.  New York state has been declared an emergency by the new york city mayor. Trains and terminals have been suspended.


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