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Meet Dr. Kwakye Solomon-Youngest Alternative Medical Practitioner



Dr. Kwakye Solomon

Meet Dr. Kwakye Solomon-Youngest Alternative Medical Practitioner

Dr. Kwakye Solomon is an alternative medical practitioner(Naturopath). He is also a Health and Nutritional advocate who blogs on Health, Nutrition, Basic medical conditions, and how to live a healthy lifestyle with Entrepreneurial and motivational knacks.

Dr. Kwakye Solomon

Dr. Kwakye Solomon with Dr. Idriss Mutawakhilu one of Africas best Neurologist

Dr. Kwakye is the author of Herbacine Nutrition Guide(Vol. 1), Seven Dimensions of Health, How to build a strong Immunity and How to alkalise your body with Diet. Herbacine Nutrition Guide is available for sale at amazon bookshop.


He has produced his first product called ‘Herb Boost Mixture’ which helps treat people with Hypertension, Cancer, Hepatitis, Stroke, Weak immunity etc.


Herb Boost mixture is fortified with lots of antioxidants. He is the founder of Dorjo Group Ltd and Wealth Natural Clinic.

Dr. Kwakye Solomon

Herbacine Nutrition Guide(Vol. 1) on Amazon

Dr. Kwakye Solomon has dreamed of becoming one of the richest alternative medical practitioners in the world.

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He is working on his foundation(Dr. Slim) which will aim at paying hospital bills for the vulnerables who cannot afford.





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