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Knowledge is Power-This is a common phrase you may have heard several times during your school or college days. It’s true, knowledge is power, but only when practically applied, and then it can further transcend into wisdom. Countless people in the world have the basic knowledge that cleanliness is an essential aspect of everyday life.


We all know how important it is to have a clean home, clean utensils, clean clothes, and a clean outer body. The majority of us do make a practical application of this to ensure cleanliness in these areas and enjoy the relevant benefits accordingly. When does knowledge transcend into wisdom?


You may have all the knowledge that exists in the universe about cleanliness, but it’s absolutely useless if you don’t make any practical application of it. You may continue to live in an unclean home, eat in unclean bowls, and wear unclean clothes; and that will become your way of life.



You will never know the difference, nor will you be able to enjoy the benefits of the knowledge about cleanliness, until you make a practical application.


Once you do that repeatedly and see the results, it will metamorphose into wisdom; and wise people do live in clean homes, eat in clean bowls, wear clean clothes, and take a bath daily to keep their outer bodies clean.


Although several wise people live in clean homes, the emphasis is on inner cleaning. Generally, the areas that are used more often, such as the kitchen, dining, and bathrooms, will be cleaned perhaps daily, and certainly more often than the rest. Where the outside is concerned, cleaning the garden area and pavements may normally be left for the gardener or done every week.


The focus is definitely more on inner cleaning and the reasons are not hard to find. If you don’t clean the kitchen, dining, and bathroom regularly, there could be an army of roaches, ants, and bacteria invading your home, resulting in unhygienic conditions, which almost always leads to sickness and disease.



Have you ever thought of your physical body as a home in which you live? A great number of philosophers and prophets of various religions spent a lot of their lives getting to know themselves and the bodies they lived in.


When they found out who they were, they utilized their remaining years in making practical applications of that knowledge to make others aware of the unique divine nature we possess as human beings. They also discovered some simple truths about the human body, and realized, it was the real temple of God.


If you can relate to this reality and consider your physical body as a temple or a home where you live, who are you really? Would that not make you a unique entity, and would you not consider yourself responsible for the outer as well inner cleansing of the physical home you inhabit?


The sad fact of our existence on earth is that the majority of us do not realize our true identity and the importance and need for the inner cleanliness of the body we live in. Where the physical homemade by a man from bricks, stones, and cement is concerned, the need for inner cleanliness to be well understood and practiced by the most to avoid sickness, disease, and related discomfort.


But for the other homemade by God or nature from flesh and blood, the importance of inner cleanliness is neither understood nor practiced by the multitude.


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Have you ever wondered why sickness and disease are on the rise when trillions of dollars are being spent annually to find cures, and hospitals after hospitals are being built around the globe? The truth is indeed bitter, and the bitter truth is that no amount of money, doctors, or hospital can be a substitute for inner cleanliness.


If cracks keep on developing in a building due to a foundational fault, no amount of money on materials and labor can permanently fix them, until the basic fault is corrected.

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