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Jin Bo Law’s Best Dishes



Jin Bo Law's

Jin Bo Law’s Best Dishes

London is a very diverse place, with many different types of cuisine all over the city. However, for those who live in London and love Chinese food, the Jin Bo Law rooftop restaurant might be one of their favorite places to go.


Located in Chinatown on Great Newport Street, Jin Bo features an authentic Sichuan menu that manages to capture the flavors of China’s southwestern province.


Jin Bo Law


Jin Bo, an Asian fusion restaurant in London, was awarded a one-star Michelin Guide rating and has become a very popular spot for locals and tourists.


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They do not take reservations and can get quite busy, but if you’re looking for the best food in town then Jin Bo is where you should go.


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Jin Bo Law's


Jin Bo Law‘s Best Dishes is a blog about the best dishes in Jin Bo Law. I hope you enjoyed this blog and find it useful.


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