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Jeff Bezos Girlfriend



Jeff Bezos Girlfriend

Jeff Bezos Girlfriend

Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon and Blue Origin is the wealthiest man in the world. Bezos has a net worth of $189.2 billion. In the early 1990s, Bezos had a dream of becoming the richest man in the world someday. Bezos got engaged to Mackenzie in the year 1993. Jeff Bezos Girlfriend might be the reason for his divorce. Bezos was married to Mackenzie Scott after they divorced. Their marriage got divorced in 2019. They were together for 26 years. Mackenzie Scott former wife of jeff Bezos amazon founder is an entrepreneur and a businesswoman.


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She became one of the wealthiest women on this planet after their divorce. Scott has many great achievements to her credit. The former wife of jeff Bezos Mackenzie is a great donor and a cheerful giver. You have probably heard about Lauren Sanchez with her relationship with Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos’s girlfriend is called Lauren Sanchez. Lauren Sanchez is a news anchor and a pilot. Many people believe that Lauren Sanchez is the reason for Jeff Bezos’s divorce from her former wife Mackenzie Scott.

Jeff Bezos Girlfriend

Jeff Bezos Girlfriend

Lauren Sanchez has great experience in the media industry, She has been a host on top American Tv channels. Lauren Sanchez is a very good dancer as well. Lauren Sanchez current girlfriend of Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos is also a Licensed Helicopter pilot. Jeff Bezos announced the end of his marriage to Mckenzie in 2019, He made it clear through his Twitter page.


Jeff Bezos was friends with Lauren Sanchez for years before his divorce issues. Lauren Sanchez collaborated with Jeff Bezos for promotional videos for his company Blue Origin. Lauren Sanchez was married to Patrick Whitesell before the end of their marriage in 2019. Patrick Whitesell and Lauren Sanchez had three (3) children.


Jeff Bezos girlfriend Lauren Sanchez is soaring to new heights as a helicopter pilot. Lauren Sanchez took the lover of piloting as her new career. Jeff Bezos girlfriend Lauren Sanchez is also into movie filming. Her hobby is flying. Jeff Bezos company amazon is everyone’s favorite shopping site. Lauren Sanchez is the owner of Black Ops Aviation.




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