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Indomie Noodles



Indomie Noodles

Indomie Noodles

Indomie is notable for manufacturing delicious noodles in the world. Indomie is the most famous of all noodles. Indomie noodles are easy to cook and a ready instant noodle. Indomie is manufactured by an Indonesian company called Indofood.

Indomie Noodles


Indofood is the biggest noodle company in the whole world. Lots of people love Indomie because it’s easy to make and an instant noodle. This noodle gives an entire meal performance for every youth. This noodle is a tasty, nutritious, and superb meal.



Indomie noodles come in different varieties: Chicken pepper soup flavor, Indomie oriental fried noodles flavor, Chicken flavor, Onion chicken flavor, and Relish chicken delight. Indomie Noodles is a superb brand that is easy to cook. Learn more about Flaxseed Gel


This meal is loved by  Ghanaians and Nigerians mostly the youth. Indomie Noodles are very popular in Africa due to their superb taste. Throughout the years Indomie has performed as the best noodles brand in the world. Indomie tops all noodles manufacturing companies in the world.


Where to buy Indomie Noodles

It is now easy to buy indomie in grocery shops, supermarkets, or market areas. It’s now easy to buy indomie in any of these places. You can also buy indomie products online. Get a trusted online shop and place your order, shortly it will be delivered to you. Learn more about What does durian taste like


How to Cook Indomie Instant Noodles

Put water on your stove and add one teaspoon of salt and two tablespoons of olive oil, Cover it and have it boiled, Use low medium heat. Add any vegetables of your choice. Open your indomie, when opening it you will see spices together with it. You can choose to add spices to it as well. Add your indomie to the boiling water and make sure you stir the indomie very well gently and slowly. Cover it and make it cook for 2minutes.


Indomie Noodles

After cooking it for 2 minutes uncover it and you will notice it’s well cooked. Take it out from the stove and strain the water out of it. At this point, you have to start making your indomie so add oil in a frying pan put it on your stove, Pour your vegetables in it. Stir your vegetables for 5minutes add your ginger powder, Garlic powder, msg, and cayenne pepper.


Go ahead and stir them up for a minute and don’t forget to add your salt. If you want it to become so rich add corn beef to it. Go ahead and stir them. Add your cooked indomie inside the vegetables and stir them up using high heat. Make sure it’s well stored and leave it for 5 minutes. Your indomie is ready to consume. Try this recipe and you will love it.

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