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Hungary Parliament made Law against LGBTQ+



Hungary Parliament passes bill and Law against LGBTQ+

Hungary Parliament has made and passed bills and laws against LGBTQ+

Hungarian Parliament has passed a bill in parliament against anyone who engages in gay and lesbianism in the country.


This bill has finally been passed by the Hungarian lawmakers and anyone who engages in the act will be imprisoned.



But the European Union (E.U) has responded by saying they are shameful and threatens to kick out Hungary from European Union.



The Hungarian Foreign Minister says the European Union wants to blacklist them because of the LGBTQ+ bill passed by the Hungarian Parliament.

Hungary Parliament passes bill against LGBTQ+

The bill has been passed by parliament ahead of next year’s election. Some People have hit the street to protest against the Hungarian Lawmakers for passing the bill that can imprison anyone who engages in it.

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They have also banned gay and lesbian couples from adopting.


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