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How to Use Rent A Center to Get the Best Deals on Electronics



How to Use Rent a Center

How to Use Rent A Center to Get the Best Deals on Electronics

If you want to get the best deals on electronics, such as TVs, cameras, and cell phones, using rent-to-own stores such as Rent A Center can be a great way to save money.


But how does Rent A Center work? This guide will explain all of the ins and outs of renting from Rent-A-Center so that you know exactly what to expect when you go into one of their stores.



How do you make money by renting a center?
Rent A Center is useful when it comes to furnishing your home or apartment. When there are a ton of different types of electronics, it can be difficult to find the right one.



And if you’re low on funds, waiting for a good deal may take longer than you want. As an alternative, Rent A Center could provide you with more choices in furniture and help you in many other areas as well, such as they work with many different brands like Whirlpool®, Sony®, Samsung®, and LG® so that you can find the perfect one for your needs at affordable prices.


If you want to get your hands on some of these electronics, you should contact one of their locations or visit their website. As you look over what they have available, you can decide if there’s anything that interests you or simply come back later.

How to Use Rent a Center

Once you’re ready, ask about their many financing options so that you can find one that works for your budget and still provides them with enough profit from each purchase.


The great thing about rent-to-own is that as long as you make your payments, there are no limits to how much time it will take for them to own all of your things so don’t feel rushed into making any big decisions too quickly. (Read About: Hyundai  Elantra).

After you’ve signed up, go home and wait for them to deliver your chosen items. The sooner that they get there, of course, the sooner you can enjoy everything that they have available.


From washers and dryers to TVs and electronics, your payment plan will let you take as long as necessary for things like living room furniture or kitchen appliances so take your time picking out what you really want. (Read on: Why the ford V8 is the best engine on the market).


Once it’s paid off in full, it will be yours forever and that can be useful if something breaks down beyond repair or if you just need a newer model to replace an older one.


When it comes time for people to furnish their homes, use Rent A Center to find everything they need without spending too much money upfront.


Where can I go to check out items?
The best way to shop at rent-to-own stores is in person, where you can physically interact with products and get an accurate idea of their condition.


However, some companies allow shoppers to view items online. To check the availability or price of items, visit your local store’s website or contact them directly for more information.


It’s important to note that rental agreements must be completed in person, so if you have something in mind it’s worth stopping by your closest branch before making a purchase online.

Since every situation is different, it’s not always easy to know what works best for rent-to-own. On one hand, you may want your device immediately and don’t have time for a lengthy application process. In that case, it makes sense to just apply for credit online and take home your item right away.


However, if you need some time to think about things or want an opportunity to comparison shop at multiple locations, then starting in person with an expert sales associate might be best.


To check out some available items, find your nearest store by searching online or calling their customer service number. It’s easiest to visit your local branch for prices and availability.


However, some companies allow shoppers to view available items online first before going in person for purchases. If you have an item in mind it’s worth checking their website or calling ahead for more information before stopping by your closest location. (Read About: 2022 Toyota Tundra).


What types of items are available
Rent A Center, Inc. is one of America’s largest rent-to-own companies with over 3000 stores nationwide and over 80 years of experience in providing quality merchandise with flexible payment options.


The company focuses on providing customers with what they need now without requiring that they purchase expensive items outright and pay for them all at once.


Renting products from Rent A Center makes sense when you want something more than your budget can currently accommodate, but you’re not yet sure if you want to make it part of your permanent household budget.

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Some products offered through Rent A Center include furniture, electronics, appliances, computers, and gaming consoles.


The great thing about renting through Rent A Center is that you have access to so many different products. If you have room in your budget for a new TV but not quite enough, rent one through Rent A Center and pay for it over time.


When it comes time to upgrade, simply return your rental and pick out something new. That way, when you’re ready for bigger ticket items like furniture or appliances, you can do so with confidence knowing that you’ve already begun building up your credit history with your rent payments.


Many items available through Rent A Center, including computers and gaming consoles, come with easy upgrade options. If you’re renting a TV but want something bigger or nicer, upgrade your TV with just one or two monthly payments. (Read about Toyota Highlander).


When it comes time to return your rental at checkout, you can pick out a new model that suits your needs without having to pay for an entirely new item outright.


It’s one of many reasons why rent-to-own is so popular you can enjoy brand new items without spending too much upfront. (Read about Ferrari Portofino).


How long do I have to pay for the item?
The duration of your rental will depend on what you need. For instance, if you have $5,000 worth of furniture that needs replacing once every five years, it would make sense to pay $100 per month for 10 months instead of paying $1,000 upfront.

 Rent a Center

Likewise, if you want your items for just one month for a vacation or special event and want to pay about half as much in total as with rent-to-own payments, short-term rentals are perfect.


By renting from multiple companies or buying through different sources at once, you can essentially create your own short-term rent-to-own program and spend less in total.


While most rental stores and online sources offer rent-to-own programs, you can also find providers of short-term rentals. Typically, these are property management companies with furniture inventory available for rent over holidays or other special events.


While their prices are slightly higher than what you’d pay from traditional rent-to-own outlets, their items tend to be high quality and can include furniture that’s typically only found in much more expensive stores.


For example, many companies advertise special vacation packages including an entire kitchen’s worth of stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.


Alternatively, if you want your items for just one month for a vacation or special event and want to pay about half as much in total as with rent-to-own payments, short-term rentals are perfect.


By renting from multiple companies or buying through different sources at once, you can essentially create your own short-term rent-to-own program and spend less in total.


A great place to find deals is online. No matter what type of furniture you’re looking for, there’s sure to be at least one website that sells it.


Of course, not all sites are created equal, so do some research before signing any agreements. When you find an online retailer with cheap prices and convenient shipping options, get started by comparing prices for specific items against physical stores around town.


Then compare prices across different sites to ensure that you’re getting as good of a deal as possible and avoid last-minute price hikes by calling ahead of time or scheduling deliveries during off hours if possible.


If something breaks, who is responsible for it
If something breaks, what is your recourse? More specifically, it depends on how long you’ve had it and whether or not you purchased an extended warranty.


In most cases, if something goes wrong within 30 days of purchase, you can simply return it to where you bought it and have them replace or fix it.


If something happens between 31-180 days from when you bought it, then who is responsible for fixing (or replacing it) will depend on your specific plan.


If nothing happens during that time frame but an accident occurs after 180 days of ownership then again, who is responsible depends entirely upon your plan. When in doubt just call up customer service and ask what’s covered under their normal policy.


For instance, if you purchase an item and it breaks while you’re still in your 30-day window, chances are pretty good that you’ll be able to return it and get a replacement.


If something happens between 31-180 days of purchase, then it’s important that you understand what kind of warranty or plan you purchased when buying.


If there’s no record of what exactly was purchased then ask your sales rep or whoever sold it to you. You should know whether your item is covered for accidents after 180 days from its original purchase date.

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If your plan or warranty says that it’s covered, then take it in and have them fix or replace it. If it does not say that it’s covered, then you’re out of luck.


That said, calling up customer service might be worth a shot, but remember that when something like it just stopped working happens after 180 days of ownership, they aren’t going to do anything about it no matter how reasonable you are.



How do I make payments?
Rather than sending monthly rent payments, you’ll usually have an upfront purchase price for each item you rent.


As long as your payment is made before your grace period (usually two weeks), your items will remain yours until your lease expires.


Once that happens, however, any unreturned items become company property and may be resold or re-rented. (Read everything on Maserati).


To make sure you’re able to keep track of everything, download our app or keep track with a notebook (or both).


We’ll email reminders before payments are due so it’s easy to remember when you need to send in money.


And if you pay by phone and are up-to-date on payments you don’t even need a physical checkbook. You can just use your phone!


Should I pay in full or is a payment plan better: How you make payments really depends on your budget and whether you think you’ll keep using your items after your lease ends.


While it’s tempting to skip out on payments, always remember that if something goes wrong and you return an item, there’s nothing keeping it from being resold or rented out again.


And if that happens, you’re responsible for any late fees accrued as well as damage fees (unless they were already outlined in your contract). You can avoid these costs by paying in full or returning items early if possible.


If you don’t want to pay in full, consider a payment plan. In most cases, rent-to-own is still cheaper than buying through traditional financing, and you’ll never pay more than what you can afford for your items.


You just need to be honest about how much money you have available and any other debts you’re working on paying off so your payments cover those costs plus your rent-to-own balance.


What kind of devices does rent a center offer: It may come as no surprise that our electronics are one of our most popular products.


What happens if I can’t pay my balance
There are several options, depending on how quickly you want to get out of debt and how quickly you can afford it.


If you’re willing to pay an additional fee, which is known as a deferred payment plan, you can roll over your balance into another item and make payments until it’s paid off.


You can also enter into a flexible payment agreement with no interest or defer all or part of your payments. Some plans allow for reduced monthly payments if you use direct deposit from your checking account.


Finally, there are hardship programs available in some states that waive late fees and penalties for those who have fallen behind in their rent-to-own agreements because of financial difficulties or other hardships such as job loss or illness.


These may include legal assistance, budget counseling, education, child care support services, etc.
A hardship program may also be an option if you miss payments and fees start piling up.


Your rent-to-own store should have more information about its policies and options, so make sure you ask if you’re interested in pursuing one of these. You could also ask them to lower your payments or extend your term.


If it gets really bad and you still can’t pay for whatever reason, don’t panic. Getting behind on your payments doesn’t mean you have no way out and that your rent-to-own deal is doomed you just need to talk with someone at your store.


Are there hidden fees
Don’t worry. With RAC, we’ve got your back. Our customers won’t be affected by hidden fees and there are no cancellation penalties.

How to Use Rent a Center

We offer clear and understandable terms in black and white, so you can enjoy peace of mind in renting an electronics item from us.


With over 1,000 stores nationwide, there’s sure to be one near you! Don’t forget to stop by today to learn more about how we work!


It’s always nice to know exactly what you’re getting into before you commit, which is why we offer clear terms in our contracts. There are no hidden fees or cancellation penalties, so you can rent electronics with peace of mind.

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