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How to tell if onion is bad



How to tell if onion is bad

How to tell if onion is bad

Onions can be found in every household. If your onion is bad it is so easy to identify it. After reading to the end of this article you will know how to tell if onion is bad. Onions are very beneficial to our health, which contains lots of nutrients especially Vitamins and Minerals.

How to tell if onion is bad

How long can an onion last?

It depends on the time it was purchased and stored. After buying onions from the market, supermarket or grocery shops make sure you keep them in a cool area. Adhering to this method can preserve your raw onions from going bad. Keeping them in a cool area can last for 3months without going bad. Refrigerating onions are also best in preserving them.



You can store your onions in your refrigerator at a temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Store your Onions at the back or bottom of your refrigerator. Refrigerated onions can last up to 3-4 months without going bad. Storing your Onions in a very hot place can drastically reduce the life span of the onion and it can easily go bad.



Make sure your onions are stored in a ventilated area. Do not store your onions together with other vegetables like tomatoes, pepper, and potatoes at the same place. Make sure your onions are stored alone to prevent them from going bad.

How to tell if onion is bad

How to tell if onion is bad

How to tell if onion is bad

Here is how to tell if onion is bad. Onions which has gone bad are rotten, smelly, and mold. When your onion is rotten cut it and open it after opening it if you see discoloration and mold inside it quickly throw it away because it has gone bad and rotten. Good onions don’t smell and when you cut it into pieces it has no discoloration or mold inside it.



Unpeeled Onion Shelf life

When Onions are stored and preserved properly it has a long shelf life. Always keep or store your Onions in a Cool area to prevent them from going bad. When Onions are stored in cool and ventilated areas its shelf life can take up to 3 months.


How to store onions

Onions should be stored in a very Cool area but it is best to refrigerate your onions at a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Storing your onions at the bottom or back of your fridge can last up to 3months. So it is best to store onions.


How to preserve Onions for months

The best and safe way to preserve your Onions for months is it keep them in your refrigerator or store them in a cool area.


If Part of the onion is bad can you eat the rest?

If part of your onion has gone bad you can cut the affected area away and eat the rest. But make sure you store the onion in a cool place or in your refrigerator if you are not ready to consume it, don’t leave it in a hot area.


Benefits of Onions

They have been proven to contain vitamins and minerals which can help fight against cancer, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases. This household Vegetable can help improve proper blood circulation in the heart.


Frequent consumption of onions is very beneficial to health and wellbeing. Onions contain absolutely superb benefits and are also part of the allium family. It has also been used as a household Vegetable for thousands of years. They are also fortified with lots of active compounds for treating and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

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Include this superb vegetable in your diet to enjoy its possible health benefits. Onions are also fortified with lots of antioxidants that help cells to fight infections in the body. Because of the active compounds, onions are able to reduce bad cholesterol in the body and also protect you against blood clots development.

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Onions are rich in anti-inflammatory properties which prevent and treat inflammations in the body. This incredible vegetable has potent compounds that help promotes health and well-being. Excess cholesterol in the body can cause diseases like heart disease, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke. Including it frequently in your diet protects and prevents you from all these dangerous diseases.

How to tell if onion is bad

How to tell if onion is bad

When there is too much cholesterol in your body it blocks your arteries. Frequent consumption of onions unblocks your arteries. Onions have been proven to reduce bad cholesterol in the body and also reduce the risk of developing heart diseases. Onions contain all the nutrients so it’s best to include them in your diet. Consuming Onions is good for digestion.

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Onions contain anti-cancer properties. This Superb Vegetable has been shown to prevent cancer development in the body. Adding it to your diet every day prevents you from developing Colorectal and Stomach Cancer. Onions contain lots of sulfur compounds and flavonoids antioxidants. Aside from Onion Garlic is one of the vegetables which is rich in allium.

How to tell if onion is bad

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Allium vegetables reduce the risk of developing Ovarian and Lung Cancer. If you are diagnosed with diabetes onions may be helpful. It has been proven that frequent consumption of onions can control and regulate your blood sugar. Compounds found in onions have anti-diabetic properties. Consume Onion on a daily basis if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes.


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