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How to spot a gold digger



gold digger

How to spot a gold digger

It’s now easy to spot a gold digger. Most gold diggers are interested in what you do for a living I mean to your occupation. After reading to the end of this article it will be easy for you to spot a gold digger. On your first date what you do for a living is the first question she will ask you.


Most of them are interested in your Job, hubby, favorite color, the car you drive, what kinds of vacations you take, these are some of the questions they ask. The first thing that gets into your mind, Is she profiling me. Some of these ladies out there are interested in the amount of money you make annually.



It is not bad for someone to know your job and how much you make after you are getting to know each other, but if she is solely interested in your job title and how much you make annually then you’ve gotten yourself a gold digger.


gold digger

As you start getting to know each other, she will reveal to you how she attended school, lives in a rich area, and goes on vacation trips. She will drown your ears talking about expensive wears, Phones, cars, and how she like certain wears, Clothes, and designers. Regardless of this is all true or not you have to start getting an idea that she’s accustomed to a particular lifestyle.


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There are several women out there who are interested in material things. Some of them too are not into money but into your status probably you are famous. Anyone interested will show love as long as she can get something out of it. Such love doesn’t last long.  Always into material things.


Such women can be located everywhere(Gatherings, celebrations, and festivals). It always seems that such women don’t have vision or purpose in life, what they think about is how to buy the latest phone, car, designer wears, and expensive perfumes. If you are on a date ask her, Her purpose and vision in life her answer will tell you if she’s not right for you or perfect for you.


Gold diggers don’t want to work hard to achieve things, they always want men to work hard and provide all the material things they need. Such women have no vision and do not have a sense of challenge in life, but she wants you to buy her everything she wants. Most of them too are peculiar about your monetary situation.

gold digger

On your first date, she will ask you about your income, assets, and the wealth you possess. If you tell her everything about your monetary income then she will quickly accept your proposal. Such women will make you broke. She loves you because of what she can gain from you.


She will try to separate from friends and family members this is because she feels they will discover and tell you the truth about her being a gold digger. When she also needs something she will influence you by giving you sex in exchange for it.

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How to spot a gold digger

1. Always Looking at you

Her eye will be all over you, always looking at you. looking at the kind of watch you wear, the designer clothes, and maybe you smell good(Expensive perfume). These are some of the ways to spot a gold digger. You might think it’s genuine but she’s interested in what you have.


Most gold diggers will be the first to spot you maybe you wearing an expensive watch, designer cloth, and driving an expensive car like Lamborgini. To her, you are exactly what she wants.

gold digger

2. Spending More Money on your first date

Gold diggers always want you to spend on them. But after your first date when you realize you’ve spent more than your previous relationships. She will always be happy when you buy her something expensive like a wristwatch or designer. Keep in mind that when you are broke she will look elsewhere.

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