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How to Cut a Kiwi the Right Way



How to Cut a Kiwi

How to Cut a Kiwi the Right Way

You probably have kiwis in your fruit bowl right now, but you may not be giving them the respect they deserve. A ripe kiwi has quite a lot of flavor and can go with breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.


But did you know that there’s an optimum way to cut a kiwi? Follow this simple guide on how to cut a kiwi, and you’ll get more fruit out of every slice.



Learning how to cut a kiwi is useful if you enjoy incorporating them into your diet or if you’re looking for an interesting fruit snack that’s packed with nutrition.



Learning how to cut a kiwi isn’t hard and it requires just one tool: a sharp knife. From there, all you need is about five minutes, some basic skills, and lots of patience. Read on for more information on how to cut up a kiwi correctly so you get to reap all of its benefits.


This step-by-step guide will show you everything you need to know in order to create bite-sized pieces of kiwi or wedges that are full of flavor and nutrients.


You can use any kind of knife in order to cut a kiwi but we recommend using something small like a paring knife since it makes precision easier than trying to do so with a larger blade-like a chef’s knife, which is used for chopping ingredients into smaller pieces before cooking them in large pots.


Step 1 – The first thing you should do when learning how to cut up a kiwi has washed off any dirt from both sides using cool water from your faucet. This will ensure that you’re cutting into a clean fruit and not one that’s dirty or covered in germs.


Step 2 – Next, take out your knife and place it on top of one side of your kiwi so that it sits at an angle in relation to its flat surface.


Then, use steady pressure as you make a series of small cuts around the circumference of your fruit until you reach its center, where all of its seeds are located. You can also use an apple corer if you want since it makes cutting up a kiwi easier than trying to use just a knife alone.


Step 3 – Now, turn your kiwi over so that its other side is facing upwards. Repeat step two by making more cuts around its edges but leave about half an inch (1 cm) between each cut you make.


How to Cut a Kiwi
Step 4 – Once you’ve made it to the center again, turn your kiwi back over onto one of its sides. This time, however, there should be no need for any more cutting since you’ve already taken care of most of what needs to be done during steps two and three.


Step 1: Pick The Perfect Kiwi
When buying kiwis, you want them firm and smooth, without any soft spots or brown patches. If they’re a little too ripe, cut them in half (lengthwise) and remove their fuzzy seeds with a spoon.


It’s best to eat kiwis soon after purchase they don’t ripen once they’ve been cut but if that isn’t possible, toss them in your fridge. Read Also: Can dogs eat Kiwi.


They should keep for about 5 days, though it really depends on how ripe they were when you purchased them; regardless of what they say on that sticker in-store, take one out and give it a sniff test before planning ahead! Once you have your perfect kiwi, slice off both ends.

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This will help make sure that all of your slices are even. Slice down through its length to create as many slices as you need. Keep in mind: The closer together you slice, the smaller each slice will be.


For example: If I wanted 1/4 thick slices, I would start by slicing my kiwi into quarters lengthwise; then I would slice each quarter into four pieces width-wise (1/4 apart). The result? is 16 1/4 long slices!


To get thinner slices or larger ones just adjust accordingly based on personal preference! Peel only as much skin from each slice as you want to eat at once.


And remember: No matter how carefully you cut, some fruit will inevitably break into small chunks so try not to sweat it! Just place those broken bits onto your plate and enjoy eating around them. Eat immediately for optimal freshness. Enjoy


Step 2: Wash It
It’s easy to forget, but kiwis are not grown in sterile conditions. Since they grow in humid, green places like New Zealand, they can be somewhat dirty when you buy them. Make sure you wash your kiwi very well before cutting it open (make sure you get all of those little nooks and crannies).


If there are any brown or damaged spots on your kiwi skin, make sure to trim them off as well before proceeding.


You’ll save yourself some time and heartache later if you start with a clean slate. Plus, washing will help keep your knife from getting sticky while you cut.

Warning: Don’t peel off your kiwi skin just yet! Although many people like to peel their kiwis before eating them, doing so takes away most of their nutritional value and makes them more likely to spoil quickly.


For optimal flavor and nutrition, leave that skin intact until after you’ve eaten your fruit it’ll taste better that way too!


And for best results, always eat within a day or two after cutting up your kiwi although you can store individual slices in plastic bags for several days without worry.


Just don’t try freezing fresh kiwis: They’re too delicate for freezing temperatures and will lose their flavor instead of becoming sweeter over time!


Step 3: Slice it in half vertically
Make sure you slice all of your kiwis in half vertically first so that each half is about an inch thick, just like your pork chops. Cutting a kiwi horizontally would give you much smaller slices, making it more difficult to wrap around your pork chop.


Plus, cutting them in half first allows for more efficient storage and prevents them from breaking apart. Just make sure you keep both halves together you’ll need one later!


If they start to fall apart as you cut them, run some toothpicks through them at an angle. You can also use toothpicks if they begin to dry out while you’re working on wrapping them up with bacon. Just make sure there are no sharp ends sticking out before cooking!

How to Cut a Kiwi

3/4 cup maple syrup: In a small bowl, whisk together 1/2 cup maple syrup with 2 tablespoons of brown sugar until combined. Set aside until needed. Once your bacon has finished cooking, pour in the maple-sugar mixture and toss until evenly coated.


Be careful not to burn yourself with hot syrup or sugar it happens quickly! Remove from heat immediately if you feel like things are getting too hot.


Fold one kiwi half into each pork chop: One at a time, take one kiwi half and place it on top of one pork chop so that they overlap slightly.

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Take another kiwi half and place it on top of both halves so that they form an X shape around your pork chop. If you’re using toothpicks, run them through all three pieces now so that they don’t fall apart while cooking.


Step 4: Scoop out the seeds with your spoon
A lot of people make cutting kiwis harder than it needs to be. They turn them sideways and stick their knife in horizontally. But that’s actually not how you cut them!


The proper technique is to use your spoon as a scoop, digging it into the top of your kiwi where there’s less resistance.


You don’t want to poke through the skin! This motion will also help separate kiwi flesh from its peel when you go on to step:

1. Insert spoon at top of kiwi and twist away from you (and around the core).

2. Repeat for all sides until you have an even cube-shaped piece with no skin attached.

3. Use the side of a spoon to push any flesh still clinging to the skin down toward the peeler blade.

4. Peel off the entire outer layer in one quick motion. That’s it!


Step 5: Lay down your slice, seed side up
Lay down your slice, seed side up, so that you can easily see where you’re cutting. This will ensure that you cut off just enough flesh without wasting too much of it.


With most fruits, you don’t need to worry about centering or symmetry but kiwis are extra sensitive and don’t take well to being crookedly sliced.


Be sure that your knife is flush against both sides of the kiwi when making contact with it. If not, your slices won’t be even.


Also, make sure that you’re using a sharp knife; otherwise, it might be more difficult to get through. You may also want to consider getting rid of any brown spots on your kiwi before slicing it if you’re going for aesthetics.

Some people like adding sugar or honey to their fruit salad. But personally, I prefer fresh fruit, because in my opinion sweeteners mask the flavor of fruit and make them taste bland.


I think a mix of tart berries with juicy melon makes for an ideal summertime fruit salad: fresh ingredients, simple preparation, lots of colors,s and different textures.


Step 6: Enjoy!
When you cut into your kiwifruit, be sure to scoop out each piece using a spoon and eat it directly from your palm. This way, you can enjoy its delicious flavor without it falling apart before you get a chance to taste it. You also won’t have any problems getting rid of that pesky peel.


You’re welcome! One trick for cutting a kiwi is to first use a spoon to scoop out each segment (this will help prevent having pieces fall off while cutting).


After that, take your knife and slice off both ends of the fruit (kiwi skin should come right off with them). Once those are removed, cut down along one side where you see brown lines running vertically down one side of your fruit.

How to Cut a Kiwi

Continue doing so until you’ve made several cuts all around the entire fruit this will make it easier for you to remove slices later on.


Next, do as many vertical cuts as possible on both sides in order to create an even number of slices in between these vertical cuts.

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