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How to cook with celery pepper



How to cook with celery pepper

How to cook with celery pepper

Celery pepper is a type of pepper that is grown in the same fashion as celery. It can be used to add flavor and spice up your food, which would typically only contain salt and pepper.


What is celery pepper?


This pepper is a spice made from a combination of celery seeds and black pepper. It’s used as a substitute for black pepper in recipes, but can also be added to soups, stews, beans, and rice.



Celery has been called “nature’s medicine” for its antioxidant properties which promote good health and may reduce the risk of cancer.

How to cook with celery pepper

What does celery pepper taste like?

This pepper has a slightly tangy and slightly spicy taste that can add some variety to your food. If you like cayenne pepper, you might enjoy celery pepper. It has a similar flavor but is less intense.


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How to cook with celery

This pepper is a great spice that can’t be found in any one specific region. It’s traditionally used in North America to make soups, stews, and other dishes. It’s also used in Jamaican food like rice and peas.


Examples of dishes using celery 

These peppers, also known as “celery salt,” can be found in any grocery store. This spice is the ground form of the plants’ seeds.


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This pepper has a flavor that resembles that of celery leaves, but it is more tart. Try adding celery pepper to your next recipe that needs an extra kick of spice, or for a fun twist on your favorite dish.

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