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How to clean washing machine drawer



How to clean washing machine drawer

How to clean washing machine drawer

Your washing machine drawer can become dirty if not consistently cleaned always. You sometimes get worried when you see dirt/mould inside your washing machine drawer.


Don’t panic if you see dirt or mould inside your washing machine drawer. This article will guide you on how to clean mould or dirt from your washing machine.

How to clean washing machine drawer

The washing machine drawer is where you can mostly find dirt. Cleaning the dirt off your washing machine drawer can also avert the smell.


To avert the smell and dirt from your machine you have to always make sure your washing machine is clean and smells good.


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What Brings dirt in your washing machine

Many Washing Machines is leakproof that doesn’t dry out quickly as expected. They don’t dry out quickly as compared to other machines. This introduces dirt or mould in the washing machine drawer if it doesn’t dry out quickly.


This also brings the formation of dirt/mould that can be harmful to people with weak immune systems. This can also lead to respiratory disease if inhaled.


How to clean washing machine drawer

There are quality and affordable detergents that can be used to clean your washing machine drawer. These quality and affordable detergents can help clean and remove dirt from your washing machine drawer.


Detergents can clean all the dirt and moulds in your drawer. Make sure your washing machine is disconnected before you start cleaning the drawer.


Step 1

Firstly it is important to remove your washing machine drawer. After removing the drawer start Cleaning it. Use a sponge to wash the drawer thoroughly.


Make sure that the Drawer is thoroughly cleaned with a sponge. Make sure that all edges of the drawer are well cleaned.

How to clean washing machine drawer

To avert Smell in the drawer use baking soda to clean all the edges of your drawer. Leave the drawer to dry.


The Soda can avert the smell from the drawer. Make sure your Washing machine drawer is cleaned twice every month to avert dirt and smell.


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This will always keep your washing machine smelling great.

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