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how long does a boiled egg last



how long does a boiled egg last

how long does a boiled egg last

how long does a boiled egg last

After reading to the end of this article you will know how long does a boiled egg lasts. Most videos you see online teach you how to put an egg in a pot of cold water after boiling hard-boiled eggs and soft-boiled eggs. Eggs are beneficial to health and well-being and also rich in Vitamin D.



For soft-boiled eggs, you need to place your eggs in a pot of hot water. This is what most of the online videos teach. Read to the end if you won’t learn how to cook soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs at the same time.



To cook a perfect egg you have to boil your water. You can use Soft-boiled eggs and hard-boiled eggs in a recipe you want. It takes up to six minutes to cook a soft-boiled egg and twelve minutes to cook a hard-boiled egg.

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how to boil soft-boiled eggs and hard-boiled eggs


-Stainless pot                  -Eggs

-Stove                               -Bowl


how long does a boiled egg last

how long does a boiled egg last


Boil your water first, You can use any pot available in your kitchen. Put enough water in your pot and cover it. Set your stove on fire. Make sure your water is boiled and remove your eggs from the refrigerator and put them in the boiling water, cover it.

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Put cold water in a different bowl and remove your cooked eggs from heat and put them in the cold water for them to cool down before peeling them. Peel your eggs and remove the shell. Your boiled eggs are ready to consume. Running your cooked egg under cold water helps it to peel well.


It takes up to 12minutes to cook a hard-boiled egg and 6minutes to cook soft-boiled eggs. If you want a hardboiled egg make sure your egg is boiled for up to 12minutes.


If you want to prepare soft-boiled eggs make sure it’s boiled up to 6minutes to cook. Choose soft-boiled egg or hard-boiled egg depending on the recipe you are preparing.

how long does a boiled egg last

how long does a boiled egg last

how long does a boiled egg last

It depends on how it is stored. hard-boiled eggs last up to 7days in a refrigerator. When boiled eggs are refrigerated it can take up to 7days before going bad.


After boiling the egg don’t peel it when you are not ready to consume it and store it in your refrigerator. Boiled Eggs have a shorter life span than unboiled eggs.


Caution make sure you store your boiled eggs in your refrigerator to avert them from spoiling and going bad. Make sure it’s refrigerated immediately if you are not ready to consume it.


Don’t store boiled eggs in the deep freezer of your refrigerator. If you have peeled your eggs and are not yet ready to consume make sure your eggs are wrapped and stored properly.



After 7 days of storing your boiled eggs without consuming check properly if it hasn’t spoiled.


Don’t forget to quickly refrigerate your peeled eggs before they get spoiled or go bad. if an egg has gone bad it comes with a serious smell. Quickly throw them away if the smell is serious.


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In Conclusion

The best way to prevent your boiled eggs from spoiling or going bad is to refrigerate them immediately when it’s boiled or cooked. When you store them well in a refrigerator it can last up to 7days.


Boiled Eggs have been shown to contain lots of Health Benefits beneficial to health and well-being.

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Refrigerating helps prevent bacteria and keeps it from going bad, so it’s always necessary to store all cooked or boiled eggs in your refrigerator if you are not ready to consume them.








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