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Human Immune Virus(HIV) Can affect your tongue because it gives rise to oral health issues. Human Immune Virus(HIV) causes AIDS(Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) if not diagnosed early and treated. Early treatment saves lives. HIV on Tongue is caused by oral candidiasis. Human Immune Virus(HIV) is a viral infection that can lead to oral candidiasis. At the chronic stage, it causes infection on your tongue. HIV was first detected in the 1980s and has claimed many lives. Seek Early treatment when you test positive for HIV Because it’s a life-threatening disease. HIV breaks down the immune system if not detected early and treated.



Early treatment is the key to long life. HIV is no more a death sentence. HIV attacks the immune system which leads to an extensive range of diseases and infections. People living with HIV are more likely to develop oral health issues if they are not on treatment. Consult your doctor immediately if you have started experiencing oral health issues. Oral Health issues are common with HIV patients. Oral thrush develops on your tongue, cheeks, and on gum parts. The main cause of thrush is oral candidiasis. Oral candidiasis happens when there is yeast development in your mouth. HIV is an immune system condition. HIV weakens the immune system if not diagnosed and treated immediately.

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This is due to depressed immunity or weak immunity.  To prevent HIV On Tongue (Oral thrush) you need to attend your doctor’s appointment, brush your teeth at least twice a day, taking your antiretroviral drugs. You can use these paces to prevent HIV: Having protected sex such as using condoms when having sex. Stomatitis is common for people living with HIV. HIV On Tongue is the first signal of early infection. When your immune system is attacked by HIV it brings lots of complications to your body. Oral Monilliasis is an early sign of HIV infection. Several oral thrushes bruises have been recorded related to HIV.


Oral thrush occurs when your CD4+ is less than 400. Oral candidiasis is a regular infection affecting HIV patients. Human Immune Virus(HIV) is a global issue. Oral Health issues are common with HIV patients. Sticking to your doctor’s advice puts oral thrush at bay. Countless people lose their lives if they do not diagnose and treat it on time. The human immune virus has three stages: 1. Intense HIV infection 2. Chronic HIV infection 3. Last stage of infection(AIDS). Request for HIV test today, because early detection saves lives. It is always a good idea to go for a medical check-up. people with HIV/AIDS are receptive to oral infections. Leaving it untreated can affect your overall health.

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There is a treatment for oral infections related to HIV. Consult your doctor on your treatment method. Treatment is available for HIV patients with oral infections. Stick to your HIV medications(antiretroviral drugs). Always take your medications on time.

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