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New presidential jet to be purchased-Government of Ghana



Government to purchase new presidential jet

New presidential jet to be purchased-Government of Ghana

Government to purchase new presidential jet

The government of Ghana wants to purchase a new presidential jet to enable the president to travel abroad. This was revealed in a press conference by the Director of communications at the office of the presidency Jubilee House.



As stated by the director of Communications the government is already making plans to purchase a huge presidential jet.



The government has not yet revealed the price of the president’s travels abroad. This guidance to purchase a new jet was given by the Minister of  Defence Hon. Dominic Nitiwul.


Some Citizens of the country especially Fix the Country Conveners are demanding accountability to the president’s travels.


It was revealed by Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa that the president’s recent travels are worth $14,000 an hour.


There is no current information about when the new presidential jet will arrive but the government said they are working on it.


Many people are disappointed to hear this because they say ghana already has a falcon jet so why to purchase another new jet.


The Opposition Parties are saying the government should maintain the Falcon jet because there’s no need to purchase a new one.

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An Aviation expert revealed that the government decided to buy a new jet unsupported.

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