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Go back to nature


Go back to nature
To go back to nature, it’s important to first understand your true nature. I have talked enough about the importance of knowing yourself, and hope you can now relate to who you really are in this human body. It is equally vital to realize, there is no ‘Death’ as far as your existence in the universe is concerned. The body you live in has and will perish from time to time, but not you, as the spirit has been made to last for eternity.

In the same manner, the body too has been made to function for a certain period of time without any problems. As a matter of fact, there existed an age when people lived for 900 years, a fact that is recorded in many books of knowledge. It is said that Noah and many others of that era lived a healthy fruitful life of 950 years. Since they were well acquainted with the laws of nature, they definitely made good use of them to have long productive years on earth.


Go back to Nature


Gradually as time went by, we lost touch with ourselves and the eternal knowledge of living in a healthy disease-free body for a lifetime. At present the average age is 75years, but even for these many years, the majority cannot live in a healthy and productive manner. The body that was made to function without any problems for 900 years, now seriously begins to malfunction around the age of fifty. From there on, its survival largely depends on a regular intake of drugs and medications that create havoc with the internal organs, making them weaker with each passing year.


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Just look around to see how many folks around the age of fifty and beyond take medications to control blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, and a number of other ailments. Eventually, these drugs lead to life-threatening problems like cancer, and then the shockingly painful treatment includes radiation and chemotherapy. I’ve seen the last days of a cancer patient who went through this; the pain and trauma were so intense, that it’s hard to describe in any possible words. So even the 75 years that people spend in the human body are unhealthy, unproductive, and full of pain and suffering.

On the other hand, a majority of those who are fortunate to cross the age of eighty or ninety, simply exist as zombies, having lost either their memories, eyesight, general physiological or psychological wellbeing. Without any doubt, the greatest wonder machine on earth is the human body. It contains amazing instruments known as organs, which no science can replicate.

Go back to Nature The magical part is that every organ is not only self-healing, but also keeps on re-creating itself indefinitely; be it the heart, liver, kidneys, digestive, or reproductive system. Since you’re the bonafide owner of this wonder machine, one of your greatest responsibility is to ensure the self-healing and re-creation process goes on in the most efficient manner.

The fact is, you are the creator of your very own body, and whatever condition it may be present in, let there be no illusions in your mind-it’s your very own creation. Another fact you should never forget-you have all the creative powers you will need to change your body and organs any time you wish to. The human body has over 37trillion cells that are responsible for various functions, including healing and regeneration.

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Every three months, on average, old cells die and new ones take birth. Ancient healing sciences like Ayurveda have long stood by time-tested principles of how the human body degenerates by the kind of life an individual lives. They all confirm one basic truth, Health and regeneration is the natural state of the body, while Disease and degeneration is its unnatural state. Depending upon regular physical activity and proper diet, one can be young and vibrant in every area of their lives even at age one hundred.

To add confirmation to the principles of natural healing sciences, modern medical science has published facts about how long it takes a healthy body to regenerate or grow new organs, skin, and cells. They have discovered that regeneration takes place in two basic steps. First, the old cell matter is channeled to the intestines through the bloodstream for elimination with food waste.

Second, new cell matter is created from nutrients found in foods that an individual consumes. These nutrients are absorbed through the intestinal walls into the bloodstream and then distributed to the entire body for the regeneration process to continue unabated. According to their research, new red blood cells are formed every 120days, a new skeleton every 90days, new brain cells and tissue every 60days, a new stomach lining every 5days, and a new liver every 45days.



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