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Ferrari Portofino – A Masterpiece of Italian Engineering



Ferrari Portofino

Ferrari Portofino – A Masterpiece of Italian Engineering

Italian car manufacturer Ferrari has been in the business of making luxury supercars since its inception in 1947, and it hasn’t ever looked back since.


The company’s newest creation, the Portofino, is one of its most beautiful cars yet, so much so that Ferrari lovers and novices alike are already clamoring to get their hands on this masterpiece.



But what makes the Portofino so special? Let’s take a look at some of its key features and specifications below to see just how good it really is.



The Sound of Four
The Ferrari Portofino’s engine emits a four-cylinder sound that is reminiscent of Ferrari’s Formula One car engines. The snarl is dramatic, almost like an opera singer, and will raise your pulse every time you hit full throttle.


Ferrari also installed a racing-style exhaust system which only increases the volume and intensity of its signature sound an effect that some drivers have likened to music.


The Ferrari Portofino has a bold and sporty exterior that stands out among its peers. With a traditional Ferrari front-end design and two large air intakes, it’s clear that you’re looking at a high-performance vehicle.

Ferrari Portofino

While its lines may be sleek, there is nothing pretentious about them; they are understated and elegant, in keeping with Ferrari’s design philosophy.


The interior is just as appealing it boasts rich leather upholstery with contrast stitching and carbon fiber trim which are designed to give it an exclusive look.


It also has dual 10-inch screens for entertainment purposes as well as space for four passengers. The Ferrari Portofino is available in either rear or all-wheel drive. Both versions come equipped with a 3.9-liter V8 engine that delivers more than 460 horsepower.


This allows drivers to reach speeds of more than 190 miles per hour, making it one of Ferrari’s fastest models ever made.


In addition to performance, safety was also a top priority when designing the Ferrari Portofino. In fact, every car comes standard with anti-lock brakes (ABS), traction control, and emergency braking assistance (EBA).


To ensure optimal visibility while driving on wet roads or during inclement weather conditions, drivers can adjust windshield wipers accordingly using controls located on both sides of their steering wheel.


Booming V8 Engines
Thanks to its 6.0-liter, 8-cylinder twin-turbo engine, you can expect your Ferrari Portofino gets to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds.


If you’re looking for speed over comfort and class, then choosing a Ferrari is a great choice for you; however, if you’d like something more comfortable, there are other options out there that come equipped with an eight-cylinder engine.


For example, there’s a Mercedes Benz GLS450 4Matic which reaches 60 mph in 5.9 seconds, or even better is its cousin Maserati Levante Trofeo at 4.7 seconds!


However, if it’s the speed you want most, then look no further than a Porsche 911 Turbo S where it reaches 60 mph in 2.8 seconds!


So yes, while Ferraris may be expensive, they do pack quite a punch when it comes to performance and speed. Plus, who doesn’t love driving around town in one? I know I do!


But what about safety? Well, don’t worry because all of these cars have been crash-tested by NHTSA and IIHS so you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be safe as long as you buckle up before hitting those gas pedals! But hey, not everyone wants to spend $200k on a car.

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That’s why we’ve also included some cheaper alternatives below that still get good reviews from owners. Now let’s take a look at our top three picks:


1) Porsche 992 Turbo S (2.8 secs)

2) Mercedes Benz GLS450 4Matic (5.9 secs)

3) Maserati Levante Trofeo (4.7 secs) These numbers are based on manufacturer estimates and vary depending on conditions such as weather, road surface, and other factors such as driver experience, the weight of driver/passengers, etc…but give you a rough idea on how quick each vehicle is!


But wait, how much does each vehicle cost? You’ll find prices listed below along with additional details about each vehicle such as fuel economy ratings and customer reviews that might help sway your decision-making process!


Need For Speed
The Ferrari Portofino is one of Ferrari’s most exciting new releases in recent years. Boasting jaw-dropping design, high performance, and plenty of exclusivities, it’s no wonder why so many car lovers are excited about its arrival.


It takes everything we love about Ferraris and combines them into a sleek package that has us drooling over every detail. This isn’t just another sports car; it’s a masterpiece from Italy that will leave you wanting more!


But how much does it cost? And what can you expect from owning a Portofino? Let’s take a closer look at all of these details below.


  • Price: $242,845 What You Get For Your Money: One of our favorite things about the Portofino is that it offers luxury without compromising speed or power.


It offers a top speed of 186 mph while still being fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. You get access to a host of luxury features such as carbon fiber body panels, an infotainment system with Apple CarPlay compatibility, front ventilated seats with heating/cooling capabilities for your backside, as well as 20-inch alloy wheels for extra speed on any terrain.


  • Engine: V12 Engine With Dual-Stage Turbocharging If you’re looking for power, then you won’t be disappointed by what Ferrari has to offer. The Portofino comes equipped with a 3.9-liter V12 engine capable of producing 690 horsepower and 561 lb.-ft. of torque (at 2500 rpm).
  • Even better, when paired with dual-stage turbocharging technology, acceleration is swift—you can go from 0–60 mph in 3 seconds flat! In addition to getting exceptional speed out of your vehicle, there are also other benefits associated with choosing turbocharging over supercharging technology.


The Customization Options Are Endless
The custom options alone are what make Ferrari special. Customers can choose from more than 11,000 available options to customize their vehicles.


The most popular options include Formula One-inspired seats made of lightweight carbon fiber and upholstery colors that match a customer’s favorite teams.


For example, an American client might request car seats painted in red, white, and blue the colors used by his home country’s flag while a European customer could opt for tan leather seats to show off his panache. (Read Also: 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo ).


Even small details such as racing stripes on exterior door panels or illuminated steps leading up to a vehicle’s passenger side help clients personalize their vehicles. Of course, these extras don’t come cheap: Most customization packages cost thousands of dollars.

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Ferrari Portofino
The Portofino Is Priced Like All Other Ferraris: While it may seem like all Ferraris cost a fortune, that isn’t true. In fact, you can get behind the wheel of one of these masterpieces for just $200,000 (that’s about £150,000).


That price point is actually slightly lower than many other models because Ferrari wants to appeal to younger customers who have less money but still want luxury and exclusivity.


Some older models cost upwards of $1 million (£800k), but those cars tend to be rarer models with unique features not found in newer models.


Performance Offers Excitement And Adrenaline
Nowadays, sports cars are all about numbers and performance. When you look at Ferrari’s new Portofino, it’s no different.


Power comes from a 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with 550 hp (410 kW) and 560 Nm (413 lb-ft) of torque available in the over-boost mode for maximum dynamic response to driver inputs.


This is linked to a dual-clutch transmission with 7 gears and an F1 paddle-shift system on offer. As you would expect, handling is superb thanks to four-wheel independent suspension and an active rear spoiler system integrated into its aerodynamic bodywork; not just aesthetics there then!


The result is 0-62 mph in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of more than 186 mph (300 km/h). It also comes with carbon-ceramic brakes as standard, which provide immense stopping power while also reducing unsprung weight. (Learn more about Lamborghini Gallardo Price).


It’s positioned below the California T in terms of price but above other models like GTC4 Lusso and GTC4Lusso T coupe as well as 488 Spider. Its launch is set for early 2018, with prices starting from $196,900 (€170,000).


The Ferrari Portofino will be available in both Coupe and Cabriolet versions. While we have to wait until next year to see them on sale, it’s worth taking a look at what you can expect from these new models. So let’s take a closer look at what each one has to offer.


What Makes This Car So Special?
The 2018 Ferrari Portofino is one of Ferrari’s most anticipated models, and for good reason. This new model comes with plenty to brag about.


The gorgeous craftsmanship alone is enough to catch anyone’s eye, but that’s not all; there are also plenty of performance aspects that make it stand out.


With a unique design, you can rest assured that no one will be mistaking your car for theirs on the street or at a stoplight.

Ferrari Portofino

How does it look? It may just be one of Ferrari’s best-looking models yet, complete with classic curves and modern details. This makes it a great choice for those who want something sleek and stylish without sacrificing any performance features. (Read Also: How much do a Lamborghini Gallardo cost)


There are several different color options available as well, so you can choose what works best for your style. And if you have an affinity for speed, then don’t worry: You won’t have to sacrifice anything in terms of power when choosing this model over others in its class.


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