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Facts About Boil Egg Calories, Protein, Fats and Nutrition



Facts About Boil Egg Calories, Protein, Fats and Nutrition

Facts About Boil Egg Calories, Protein, Fats, and Nutrition

An egg is one of the best Superfoods classified as highly medicinal.  It is rich and fortified with numerous Health Benefits. It is important to eat one boiled egg every day. Eggs are rich in proteins and nutrients.


  • Boiled Egg Nutritional Facts

One boiled egg carries 70-78 calories, 6-7grams of protein, and 4-5grams of fat. Eggs also carry essential minerals and Vitamins. One hard-boiled egg contains 180 mg of Cholesterol which is beneficial for the body and hormones.



Consuming one boiled egg a day doesn’t increase cholesterol in the body but Consuming above one can increase Cholesterol in the body. Consuming one boiled egg decreases fats level in the body.

Facts About Boil Egg Calories, Protein, Fats and Nutrition

Boil Egg Calories

Eggs are also fortified with Vitamin D, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B2, Folate, Riboflavin, and Vitamin A. An Egg is an absolute Superfood. Frequent eating has been shown to reduce the formation of Cardiovascular and Heart Disease. They also help prevent several ailments.


Eggs are a great source of Vitamin A that helps reduce and prevent Eye Diseases. Frequent Consumption of an egg gives you a good skin tone. Always purchase or buy organic Eggs from the grocery shop.


Make sure you purchase them from the right place. Eating one boiled egg and 4-5 boiled or fried eggs every week keeps your cholesterol under control. Many and several studies have confused lots of people about eggs containing bad or undesirable cholesterol.



The best way to keep your Cholesterol under total Control is to stick to 4-5 eggs a week. To Know the exact Calories of an egg at times the way you cook it matters. Learn more about how long does a boiled egg last.


It contains 70-78 calories. Frying two eggs at the same time carries lots of undesirable cholesterol. Cholesterol creates and brings several ailments in the body including High blood pressure, Fatty liver Disease, and Ischemic stroke.

Facts About Boil Egg Calories, Protein, Fats and Nutrition

Boil Egg Calories

Several people are concerned about the formation of bad cholesterol in their bodies. Eggs Carry an incredible amount of protein and antioxidants.

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  • Boiled Egg Nutritional Benefits

Several People in the United States of America and European Countries Consume eggs as breakfast. Many people are scared of eating eggs because they think it carries high cholesterol and unhealthy for them to consume.


Consuming and sticking to 1 boiled egg or 4-5 eggs a week is said to lower your cholesterol. Many people have been convinced by the misinformation they hear about Eggs containing High cholesterol. Overeating can increase bad cholesterol in the body, but eating one or 4-5  every week gives you all the nutrients you need.


Cholesterol buildup can easily lead to ailments like stroke and Heart Disease. Several people prefer not to consume eggs because of the misinformation about them.


High blood pressure is one of the major causes of chronic kidney disease. Everything written in this article is based on research. Eggs have quality nutritional values. There are lots of proteins in an egg that helps the immunity to becoming strong against diseases.

Facts About Boil Egg Calories, Protein, Fats and Nutrition

Boil Egg Calories

Eggs also carry essential amino acids and our body needs amino acids to function properly. The body needs a high amount of proteins to function properly.

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Consume eggs to get enough proteins. One boiled egg has less amount of cholesterol in it so, therefore, it’s safe to consume one boiled egg a day. Overeating eggs can cause your arteries to block and overeating it can put your health at risk.



Don’t Eat more than one boiled egg a day if you have high blood pressure, stroke, and cardiovascular Diseases. All the cholesterol is in the yolk. 180mg of cholesterol is in the yolk of an egg.

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You can also throw the yolk away in a recycle bin and consume the white which is fortified with proteins. Consuming just egg white is helpful in lowering your blood cholesterol and high blood pressure.


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