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Due to GHAMRO’s failure to pay royalties, the majority of Ghanaian artists are broke, according to Kwaw Kese




Due to GHAMRO’s failure to pay royalties, the majority of GH artists are broke, according to Kwaw Kese

According to Hip Life rapper Kwaw Kese, the Ghana Music Rights Organization’s (GHAMRO) refusal to pay royalties to most Ghanaian musicians has caused them to go bankrupt.


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The MadTime CEO lashed out at GHAMRO on his verified Twitter account, stating that after years of song releases and 20 years in the music business, he has never gotten any royalties from GHAMRO.


Ghana artists

As a result, they have been supporting their own projects in order to establish the foundation for a strong musical career since he feels that no artist can survive if they are not supported by the music industry.

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He further stated how successful processes set up in their sector have led to musicians and music producers in other nations earning royalties following the release of a popular song.


Kwaw Kese asserted that the majority of his fellow performers are broke and in debt but are unwilling to speak out because of social media pressure and their phony lives while discussing how artists manage without earnings.



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