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Doctors and Nurses Flee as Lebanon’s monetary crisis gets worse



Lebanon's monetary crisis

Doctors and Nurses Flee as Lebanon’s monetary crisis gets worse

Lebanon's monetary crisis

Many Doctors and Nurses in Lebanon have fleed the country because of its serious monetary crisis. Lebanon is facing a monetary crisis due to Corruption and Political Affiliations.



The Country has descended into total darkness, where the country’s two biggest power stations shut down due to fuel scarcity.



The government has said that fuel shortages can last up to some days. The people in the country have descended into serious hardship.


Several people in the country can’t afford to eat twice a day. One-third of the people in the country are in extreme poverty due to unemployment.


Lebanon’s monetary crisis is getting worse every day. The country is facing a monetary and economic crisis, which has led the country into total blackout.

Lebanon's monetary crisis

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Many Doctors and Nurses in Lebanon have fled the country due to their monetary crisis. The government can’t pay them because of the economic and monetary situation.


There is a total blackout in the country and no electricity in the country. Several people in the country now use generators to charge phones and watch televisions.


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The country’s currency(Lebanese pounds) is of no value as it drops 90%. Lebanon’s monetary crisis started two years ago.



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