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Beirut Lebanon



Beirut Lebanon

Beirut Lebanon Crisis keeps getting worse every day

A Deadly and scary gun battle has erupted in Beirut. Lebanon is battling with serious Monetary crisis. The country is facing fuel and food shortages. Beirut is the capital of Lebanon and the biggest city.


Doctors and Nurses have left the country due to the serious monetary crisis they are experiencing. Beirut is the biggest city in Lebanon and its Capital.


Beirut Lebanon


The Suspects have been arrested. Hezbollah and Amal Militia said the Christian Militia were behind the recent gunfire, but the Christian Militia has denied all the allegations leveled against them.


The serious gunfire in Beirut Lebanon on Thursday has brought the country to the edge of collapse. Due to the deadly clash, lots of analysts are saying if the situation is not kept under control there might be a civil war.


Political Affiliations are destroying the country. There are lots of sectarian Divisions in Lebanon. We have Hezbollah, Amal Movement, Christian Militia, and Druze Militia.


Lebanon’s military forces were deployed to tackle the gunfire in Beirut. The citizens of Lebanon are in danger if the political issues are not tackled.


There is a serious political crisis in Lebanon. The government of Lebanon is in talks with western countries and other countries to help them save their economy from total collapse.


The Shia political parties backed by Iran held lots of protests in Beirut Lebanon due to the explosion at the port last year. There is a lot of pressure on the judge and people are demanding his removal from the case.

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Thursday’s gunfire killed 6 people and 32 people got injured.


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