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Another Covid-19 Variant identified in South Africa



Covid-19 Variant

Another Covid-19 Variant identified in South Africa

The South African Health Officials have identified a new Covid-19 Variant identified to be Omicron Variant. This New Variant that was identified in South Africa has also been discovered in Other countries.


The United Kingdom and Belgium are part of the Countries that have just identified the new Covid-19. Cases from this new Variant are on the rise.



The Omicron Variant has also been discovered in Hong Kong and Israel. According to some scientists, this new Variant is heavily mutated.



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The United Kingdom has banned all travelers coming from Southern Africa. Flights from Botswana, Namibia, Eswatini, South Africa, and Zimbabwe are banned from going to the UK.


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The World Health Organization is holding an emergency meeting prior to the newly identified Variant. Some Countries are also coming out with new travel rules.

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