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Alex Kofi Adu; Biography, Net-worth, Movies, Cars and houses



Alex Kofi Adu; Biography, Net-worth, Movies, Cars and houses

Alex Kofi Adu; Biography, Net-worth, Movies, Cars, and houses

Alex Kofi Adu is Popularly known in Kumawood movies as Agya Koo. The Celebrated actor has featured in so many movies including Bosom ba, Okomfo anokye, Agya Koo Bank Manager, and Obidea ba. Agya Koo has won many awards including the Ghana Movie Awards.


Alex Kofi Adu is a celebrated actor and director who has starred in many films and television shows. He began his career as a child actor, appearing in his first film at a youthful age.



Since then, he has gone on to have a successful career in Ghana. In recent years, he has directed several successful films, including the critically acclaimed Kumasi Junction. Here is a look at the life and work of this talented artist.



A Brief Summary of the Life of Kofi Adu

Alex Kofi Adu was born in Ghana in 1978. He began his acting career in 1992, appearing in the film Ayiko Bia. He has since appeared in over 30 films and television shows. In addition to acting, Adu has also directed two short films. He and his wife are currently living in Ghana with their Children.

Alex Kofi Adu

Kofi Adu and Actor Funny Face

His son is being groomed to take on a leading role in one of his father’s future productions. Adu is an active supporter of the pan-Africanist organization WAPA(West African Peoples’ Organization) which strives for unity among Africans in Africa and throughout the world.


Kofi Adu is a strong member of the National Patriotic Party(NPP). In the 2016 Elections, Kofi Adu Popularly referred to as Agya Koo campaigned massively for the governing party NPP.

Alex Kofi Adu; Biography, Net-worth, Movies, Cars and houses

Agya Koo

The Celebrated actor has made lots of money from Acting. When you are talking about top actors in Ghana right now there is no way you can ignore Agya Koo.

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When the NPP came to power in 2016 they launched an online TV platform for the actor known as Agya Koo TV. Agya owns several Cars including Infinity, Land Cruiser, etc.

Alex Kofi Adu; Biography, Net-worth, Movies, Cars and houses

Actor Agya Koo and Actress Juliet Ibrahim

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It is estimated that the popular actor is worth over $ 20 million. Agya Koo is a top Ghanaian veteran movie actor born on May 25, 1969.




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