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Africa’s Biggest Oil Refinery: Nigeria’s Future



Africa's Biggest Oil Refinery: Nigeria's Future

Africa’s Biggest Oil Refinery: Nigeria’s Future

Nigeria has the biggest oil refinery in Africa. Nigeria’s Oil refinery can totally transform the country’s fortunes. Nigeria sits on $37billion barrels of crude oil. The Oil has excellent quality.


This is both a blessing and a curse to the country whiles some people continue to suffer in Nigeria and others too are a blessing to them. The United Arab Emirates(Dubai) is one country that has used its Oil refinery to transform the county and its citizens.

Africa's Biggest Oil Refinery: Nigeria's Future

In other countries like Venezuela, there’s economic instability in the country due to serious corruption. Nigeria first discovered oil in 1957, this was the same year Ghana gained its independence.


Nigeria produces 2million barrels of crude oil a day more than United Arab Emirates(Dubai) but U.A.E has developed than Nigeria. The woes of Nigeria are due to Corruption.

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Nigeria’s Oil Refinery is the biggest in Africa but yet its citizens keep suffering, Some people in Nigeria will tell you that there’s no future for them because their leaders don’t think about them what they think about is filling the pockets and taking care of their family.


Nigeria’s oil money is stolen by corrupt leaders. The only forward for Nigeria is to end corruption and Youth Unemployment, This will enable the country to grow and develop like the United Arab Emirates(Dubai).

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