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6 Dark Chocolate Hair Color Ideas For A Rich, Noticeable Look



Dark Chocolate Hair Color

6 Dark Chocolate Hair Color Ideas For A Rich, Noticeable Look

Dark chocolate hair color can be one of the most striking and rich colors you can choose to dye your hair. It’s like the brown-black color you get when you combine dark brown and black, but with a unique hue that shines and pops in certain lights. Here are some of the best ways to get dark chocolate hair color and make sure it looks just right on you no matter what style or texture your hair is.


1) What is the history of dark colors in human culture?

Ever since we learned how to make synthetic dyes, we’ve been dyeing our hair every color of the rainbow. The first dyes were made from plants and minerals that could easily be found on our planet.



While some of these natural colors were vibrant and extremely visible when applied to skin or fabric, they tended to wash out with repeated washing. It wasn’t until dark dyes like indigo and henna were developed that people began experimenting with dark shades for their hair.



However, it wasn’t until someone accidentally mixed dark hair dye with cocoa powder that brown or dark chocolate hair coloring was born.

 Dark Chocolate Hair Color

This is a trend that has grown in popularity over time but has recently come back into style thanks to celebrities like Jada Pinkett Smith and Nicki Minaj who have taken it upon themselves to show us all just how beautiful dark hair can be.

From history to hair coloring trends and celebrities, there are a lot of things you should know about dark chocolate hair color.


Let’s take a look at just some of them in more detail: What Is Dark Chocolate Hair? If you’re already aware of brown hair colors like brunette or brown-haired women then you probably already have an idea what dark chocolate hair is all about.


This can be a tricky definition because it depends on how deep or rich your natural hair color is and how much color you want to add to your dyes. The basic definition would include any shade that’s darker than your base natural shade.


2) How do I find my perfect hue?

As a professional hairstylist for over 10 years, I have been asked by clients on numerous occasions what is my favorite hair color brand.


With hundreds of brands on the market with thousands of shades to choose from it can be difficult for someone who is just starting out in coloring their hair to find something that is going to give them the perfect shade that they are looking for.


One thing that many people do not realize when choosing a new color is that some brands will have various formulas and undertones which may need tweaking or adjustment in order to achieve an exact look.


The most important thing you want to keep in mind while choosing your next box of hair colors is how much time and effort you want to spend styling your hair.


There are several different types of hair colors that you can choose from. These include temporary and semi-permanent dyes which contain ingredients like natural plant pigments, peroxide, and ammonia.

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Semi-permanent colors will wash out in as little as 12 shampoos depending on what type you have used. There are also permanent hair colors that contain ammonia or peroxide to produce quick results but can result in dry or brittle hair over time.


While these dyes do not fade over time many colorists will suggest applying a gloss or dye treatment every 6 to 8 weeks to keep your hair looking rich and full.


One important thing that needs to be taken into consideration is choosing a brand of color that will allow you multiple options for getting your desired look.

Dark Chocolate Hair Color

3) How can I maintain the rich look of darker colors?

If you choose to have dark chocolate hair color applied to your hair, there are some steps you can take to keep it from fading too quickly.


First of all, don’t wash your hair as often if you want to maintain its richness and vibrancy. I would recommend washing about every two days or three days for a few weeks after getting a rich dark color applied; then switch to a longer schedule something like once every four or five days for maintenance. You should also use shampoos and conditioners that treat color-treated hair.


You should also be sure to wear sunscreen that offers UV protection when you go outside. This will help to protect your hair from fading or even changing color from sun exposure.


If you plan on being in an especially sunny environment, try getting one with a higher SPF factor of at least 30 or 50 to offer extra protection. Remember to use it every day; not just on sunny days!

How can I maintain the rich look of darker colors? What other steps can I take to ensure my dark chocolate hair color lasts as long as possible? To get any color dye to stick and stay on your hair over time, it’s best if you have healthy locks. (Read on How to clean Washing Machine Drawer).


4) Why should I consider a semi-permanent option?

If you have really damaged hair from color or straightening or if you’re a natural blonde and can’t commit to maintaining your color, a semi-permanent option might be better for you.


They last between 6 and 12 shampoos, so depending on how often you wash your hair, it could last longer than a permanent dye. Note: Semi-permanent dyes only work with pre-lightened hair.


If you haven’t dyed your hair before or if it’s colored darker than an ash tone strawberry blonde for example, then semi-permanent won’t give you dark enough results. You’ll need to use permanent dye.


If you want to avoid looking as though you dyed your hair a random color and if you don’t have naturally dark brown or black hair, then a semi-permanent dye is your best bet.


The result looks more like you got an amazing deep conditioning treatment that brought out gorgeous colors than it does someone dumped something on your head.

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Plus, if you have only slightly damaged hair and plan to get regular trims to prevent more damage, it can be a good way to get some darker color without putting all of your faith in permanent dye.


The same goes for light blonde girls who don’t want their natural color pulled out but still want that darker hue. (Read also Is Dark Chocolate Good For You).


5) The Story Behind Our Favorite Shade

If you’re trying to find a unique hair color that captures your inner chocolate addiction, welcome to our club. Find the Cheapest Costco gasoline Near You.


We don’t recommend going for a full-blown shade of brown that’s how you end up with yellow-tinged strands; instead, go for something rich and dark and then customize it with blue tones or caramel highlights to lighten it up. (Read also Why Dark Chocolate is Good For You).


Just keep in mind that even though your color is rich and shiny, it doesn’t make sense to constantly overdose on product; after all, dark hair needs a lot of moisture.


Oils are good to replenish your locks with proteins and vitamins but only use them sparingly; otherwise, they’ll be too heavy for your strands.


This is a unique color because it looks natural and deep while still having a shiny finish. It’s like dark chocolate with a caramel swirl heaven!


The deep brown tone can be customized by adding highlights to caramel or even violet colors. Just keep in mind that when you add coloring and especially too much, your hair can get damaged.


6) Where to Find Your Shade Today

Choosing your perfect hair color is an important decision. You can’t change it overnight or as easily as you might a shirt which is why doing your research before deciding on a shade is so crucial.


Finding out what’s trending for fall 2015 dark chocolate hair color options and what’s likely to be popular next year will help you select a hue that works well with your skin tone, eye color, and overall style. (Read also How to get olive oil out from Clothes).


Ask yourself: What do I want my look to say about me? There are more than 40 shades of brunette hair colors alone making it difficult to find just one that works best with your complexion. Play around with different hues until you find something that feels right.


Just remember to go with your gut. If you’re convinced that a certain shade will look great on you but your friends aren’t so sure, don’t let them sway you. (Read about the 5 Benefits of using Olive oil for Hair).

 Dark Chocolate Hair Color

You want to walk out of your salon looking like yourself, not someone they want you to be. With that in mind, here are a few shades of brunette hair color options worth checking out: As a rule of thumb when it comes to dark chocolate hair color ideas for fall 2015 and beyond, warm undertones are best suited for medium complexions and cool tones look best on those with fair skin.

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